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This week is our pirate week!  I just love this week with the kiddos wearing their eye patches and saying /ar/ all the time!
This is my bulletin board.  Sorry it's a bit fuzzy and my number line is falling down.  I need to buy a step ladder!

Every morning start out your day with reading a riddle for the class to visualize.  Have them close their eyes.  Make sure no one blurts out the answers.  Discuss the adjectives that can help you "see" what is written.  Encourage them to be colorful authors in their writing!  Click on the pirates to get these riddles for free.  Put them on the bulletin board or show them on the smart board.

Accuracy: /ar/ I'm using the Pirate Mark unit from Abby. Click here for a previous post and link.
Reading Strategy: Visualize  -  Use the above strategy daily to enforce the visualizing.  Also, reread passages from the book after you read the book in full.  Have them close their eyes as they listen.  Discuss what they feel and see from the passage.
Comprehension: Story Elements

We filled this out for each pirate book that we read.  I blew it up pretty big and we did it together but you could do it independently for an assessment too.  Click to get your own copy.

Click for some FREE Pirate D.O.L.

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