Magnet Mania!

Magnets! Science on a small Budget? That is once you make the initial investment you don't need to repurchase! Or better yet ask around the building!  I bet you can get a kit together!

I introduced magnets with this little YouTube video.

Vocabulary: magnetic, predict, attract

Student Activity:  Each group was given a basket of different items where some are magnetic.  Students pick an item and write it on the recording sheet and then make a prediction if it will be magnetic.  Then they will test their hypothesis with a magnet and check the correct box.

I'm compiling all these worksheets I'm making this summer into a Science Sleuth packet.  I'll have it available in about 4 weeks!  Keep an eye out!

This is my son, Jordan!
Vocabulary: magnetic force field

Demonstration:  Holding paper clips and using a strong magnet pick up the paper clips without touching them.

Student Activity:  Tie a string to a paper clip.  Tape the string to the table so the paper clip dangles down. Students take a magnet and move the paper clip without touching it with the magnet.

OOPS - Got too close!
Vocabulary:  attract, repel, North, South

Demonstration: Use magnets that are colored blue and red to show North and South.  Demonstrate how the magnets attract when North and South are put together or repel when the same poles are put together.

Student Activity: Then ask them to get together with a partner to try it out and try it on the tables.

This is a short clip of one of my students explaining what he has learned about North and South!  So Cute!

They were all so proud of their work!  Me Too!

Student Activity:  For the final activity I put many different kinds of magnets around the room in centers.  I explain each one and give them about 10-15 minutes to explore and have fun!  They love this part!  It's hard to keep the noise level down!

Use roads to show push and pull!  You can see it in the background.
Floating magnets - Put like poles together and students can see the magnets float with ring magnets.  You can use pencils to do the same thing.
This was a purchased item.  The magnets are extremely strong.  It comes with iron shape pieces and students can build.  It's a favorite!

Water bottle filled with iron fillings.  I think it's time to remake it!  It's a little rusty!
Testing how strong different magnets are by hanging paper clips down without linking them.  This one held 4 paper clips. 
These discs are filled with iron fillings.  Students can move them around with the magnet.
Have a magnificent time with your magnet unit!
Keep an eye out for the worksheets to be available hopefully by the end of July!

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