Summer Multicultrual Art Class

I'm not an art teacher but I am having a lot of fun getting all messy!  
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This week we are work on art from Africa.

We started the week with making mud huts!  They turned out okay.  I like all the bright colors.

Next the older group worked on Maasai Dolls.

I was really impressed with how much time and effort they put into these projects.  I wish we would have stopped with just the coloring.  We put a wash over the top and took away from the vibrant colors.  I learned for next time.

We then made Wildebeests.  What fun and what a mess.  We worked with Chalk Pastels!  Here are some of the finished ones.  We used tempera puck paint for the scenery.  They worked hard on making the sky have lots of colors.

Monday we will finish Africa with giraffes.  The older group really liked the detailed drawings so I started them on an extra project with drawing Chinese Dragons.  Sorry no pictures!

Keep following for more wonderful updates on their artwork this summer!  Remember to check out Deep Space Sparkle.  She is so talented and her lesson plans are so easy to follow!

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