Bake Me in a Cake!

The kiddos enjoy watching the Magic School Bus videos.  It's the quietest time of day in this class of 25 and almost all boys!

Today we watched MSB Get Ready, Set, Dough!  They discuss chemical reactions which we had spent a lot of time doing this summer so of course we had to do it again but another way!

I filled 3 water bottles with vinegar.  Each one gradually had a bit more.  I had 3 balloons and filled them with baking soda.  Gradually each one had more baking soda in it.

Now the fun begins!

 We discussed why the balloons got bigger!  Some thought the vinegar went into the balloons.
After sitting for awhile they still had quite a bit of gas!

I asked them what other kind of bubbles they know about.  After some prodding they came up with soap bubbles, blowing bubbles, bubbles when you boil water. but no one came up with bubble gum.  They were a bit surprised when I pulled out packages of Hubba Bubba!

Some were great at blowing bubbles and some learned today!  One of my students couldn't chew gum because of braces so she helped me measure bubbles.  My largest was 3.5 inches.  I was beat out by both of my aides!  What fun this was!  I think next time I would choose a smaller type of gum.  This piece was a bit big for some of the kids.

Get some gum and be a kid again!  It was a blast!!!!

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