Spelling Pretests

I was meaning to post about my spelling program when a follower asked for more information so that got me rolling the ball.

On the Friday before the unit starts I give the class a pretest on the six words that have the spelling pattern. Currently, we use the Treasure Reading Series 2007.  If the child gets 100% I circle the challenge list for them to practice.  If they got some wrong I circle the regular list.  If they are a child who normally gets challenge every week and they missed one word I will give them the challenge list and the word that they missed!

I have all the lists I have compiled on my parent website that you can also grab.  Click here!

This is the spelling pretest paper that I use on Friday.  The first pretest you give for the year will not have the spelling test portion filled out.  

The Assigned Words portion is where the student takes the actual test for the week.  After they take the test I give the pre-test and sentence dictation.  I grade it all by marking each section.  I mark if they are regular or challenge.  I try to send this home on Friday because they are anxious to know how they did on the test.  You can attach the next units words at the same time or you can choose to send both home on Monday.
Letting the parents see the pre-test is wonderful because the parents can see what words they missed and what mistake they made.

(First sheet) Week 1 Pretest of unit 1 on the first available day before teaching the spelling pattern. 
The Assigned Words and dictation will be blank.
Grade and send home with take home sheet.

(New Sheet) Week 1 Friday - Take Assigned Words Test for Unit 1 whether they are challenge or regular.
Take Pretest for unit 2 and a sentence dictation.
Grade and send home on Friday or Monday with unit 2 take home sheet.

(New Sheet) Week 2 - Take Assigned words test for Unit 2.
Pretest Unit 3 and etc....

I hope this makes sense!

I use a parent volunteer to give the challenge spelling test.  Usually there are only a handful and she gives the test to them in the hallway.

On Friday I also give them a dictation sentence.  This gives me an opportunity to assess them on the use of capitals, periods, spacing and spelling in usage.  

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