10 Ideas to Survive Your First Week

We are all excited for school to start - we actually have trouble sleeping the night before just like our students.  I wonder who is more scared of the first day?

So how do we get through this first week?

1.  Reduce your caffeine intake so you can give sleeping a good chance!  I'm a night owl but I know I won't be able to function with all the problems that will hit me during the week and there will be many.  So get to bed at a reasonable time!  If you're like me, my brain has a hard time shutting down.  Keep a notepad by your bed (not your phone, you'll be tempted to Google!)

2.  Pack your lunch with healthy foods and waters.  My new favorites are carbonated flavored waters so I can feel like I'm having a soda!
I love the Pink Grapefruit!  Very refreshing!  I got them at Pick n' Save.

3.  Be Organized!
  • Get your desk the way you want it!
    • Have a place for everything!
  • Make your copies and put them in a daily organization bin.
  • I love when my closet is even organized!!  Love my paper organizers!
4.  Wear comfortable shoes!  You will thank me for this later!  

5.  Don't plan too much to do on the first day!  Everything will take longer than you think!  Start your day off light with with a get to know you activity.
    • Beach Ball Questions:  Write questions on the ball stripes such as What is your favorite color? What did you do this summer?  Tell us about your family.
    • M&M Buddies:   Put a few kids in a group with a card with a question for each color of the M&Ms.  After they answer the question they can eat that M&M.  You can do this with Skittles or Starbursts too.
6.  Bring a snack for the whole class.  Many will forget to bring one and this will help them get through the long day!  

7.  If you're as unfortunate as I am to not have air conditioning, it always seems to get hot when we go back to school!  Let the students have water bottles, get drinks and take extra bathroom breaks - you do not want unwanted accidents. 

8.  Reward them with an extra recess.  They will love it and you can see them in a different environment. Provide some fun outside toys like hula-hoops, Frisbees, sidewalk chalk and bubbles.

9.  Take time to go through the rules.  Keep it short and simple but repeat it throughout the week.
I love this video that a principal did.

10.  Leave on time to go home to your family, friends or pets!  Give your brain a break!  You deserve it - you have worked very hard!

Have a great week back!
Share your tips for a great week!

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