Little Priorities Classroom Reveal 2014

This is a view to the corner of my room from the door.  I would love to have the TV taken down but they have no place to store all the unwanted TVs.  The only time it is used is after school by my own children to watch cartoons.  In the corner is going to be my guided reading and math area.  I have all my tubs available with hands-on games and much more.  I'm very excited to have it all together.  I'm not as organized as some of our fellow bloggers but it works for me.
The tall white tubs hold all my math games.  The small basket on the floor is the overflow!  I just bought another one so I can add more!  The pink tubs came from Walmart.  They hold my reading games.  The other three tubs are where I put the weekly math games for students to go to during centers.  I try to differentiate these activities.  The names will be on colored slips once I evaluate the class.
 This is to the right of my table.  I have my guided reading books in bags by level with the teacher guide included.  Then I have all my wonderful Lakeshore games!  I got most of these from a Donor's Choose project last year.
 This is a problem area.  These are my literature books that I teach with.  Last year I put them in bags to keep the same subjects together such as plants or nouns.  Update... I organized my books by months, science, social studies and mentor texts.  I think this will help me be able to find a book quicker!

Here are some of my math manipulatives.  I am in need of new labels!!

On the back of my guided reading cart I added pocket charts with velcro.  I am going to use this area during guided reading to make sentences and store their sight words.  Students will be able to remove the words to take to their desks.

 I love the pink and green together.  It's so cheery!  The baskets above were all from Dollar Tree.  I love that that the paper baskets are large enough for folders.  Currently they are holding everything I need to pass out to them the first week.  On the side are my new group supplies.  I haven't tried this for over 15 years so we'll see how it goes.  I'll keep you updated!

This is the back of my Writing Cart.  I have their sight words on rings.  Students use these to practice their words while playing games that I designed.  These words correlate to the Treasures Reading series.  Our district has also added in words that were not in the series.  All the words are introduced and need to be secure by second grade.  If you would like the set click here!  I will put the current game in the baskets.  They are hanging on peg board clips.  These were from Walmart for $1.  They had a lot of different colors. baskets keep falling off the hook!  I'll need a new and better idea.

These were also from Walmart.  They are holding the math tool kits for each table group.  I may also put their binders in here.

Finish "I'm Done" activities.  I purchased this from Miss Kindergarten Love.  I ran off all the copies in advance and put them in this file box so it's easy for me to change out when needed.  I love the file folder label stickers.  So much easier than those old plastic ones and trying to slide the label in!
Anchor Chart Holder:  This is a curtain rod I got from the Salvation Army for $1.  I used command strip clips.  I put it right on the fabric.  I then added four staples around it so it doesn't pull out.  This will help me have access since I don't have wall space to hang them.  Next to it is a pocket chart for vocabulary words for the week.
 I started using this board last year but I am going to be adding to it and using it from the start. Labels are from Mrs. Rhodes and the original idea and trees are from Dandelions and Dragonflies.  I'll probably need to add more trees but it's a start.
I'm going to be using this book:
Prefixes and Suffixes Resource Book
Click book for link.  It uses word walls and making words.  It's written for grades 3-5+.  However, I do not feel it is inappropriate for my firsties.  

Here's a photo wall of my children.  I need to put updated photos in the frames!  I should probably add my husband too! XXOO

These are my student mailboxes.  I've had them for awhile as you can tell my the remnant of labels.  Now look at it with duck tape over the labels!  Wahoo!  I tried Wasshi Tape first but it was see-through.

My desk
 I covered my icky mouse pad with fabric a year ago and it's holding up great!  I got a new fridge!  I'm so excited to have cold drinks available and a place to store some healthy snacks like cheese etc...
Window behind my desk!   
I love my new valance!!  I bought coordinating fabrics of pink and green.  I used my quilt fabric cutter to cut the fabric into 1.5 inch strips.  I bought curtain rods from GoodWill and my wonderful daughters tied them to the rods.  I used Command Strip Hooks to hang the rods so I can take them with me if I move rooms.    I've gotten a lot of comments from staff!  They look so cute!

View of my classroom from my desk.  My awesome 12 year old daughter helped me put all the name tags on!  She was so helpful.

My reading corner!  I wish all my baskets matched but I guess the books inside them are what's important!  My two daughters took my old beanbags that had rips and put the beans in the flat beanbags!  It was quite a mess - I'm glad I had them do it outside!!

 Word Work!  Love my pocket chart!  It's from Lakeshore!  I love that store!!
 I'm having the parents and students take a tour through the room on Back to School Night!

This bulletin board is outside my classroom.  Each student has their own spot where I have a tack.

We're going to have a WILD Year!!

 I wish you all a fantastic and productive year!

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