Book Boxes

I love my book boxes.  I bought these from Really Good Stuff three years ago.  They are holding up very well.  They should for the price!  I love the colors!    

This year I numbered all the boxes rather than write their name on the box label.  That way I won't have to do it again next year!  Time Saver!  

This is what I put in their book boxes.
1) Phonics Phone 
  • Red ones are from Lakeshore Learning. I had a Donor's Choose project and had them donated to me.
  • PVC pipe
    • One large elbow
    • Two piece hooked together

2) Reader's Bag - 
  • Popsicle Stick for pointing.
  • Highlighter Plastic Bookmark
  • Retelling Hand Card
  • Somebody... Wanted...But...So...Then... Anchor cards on a ring (Smekens)
  • Index card with highlighter tape and post-it notes
3) Large Ziplock bag to hold paper readers that they get during small group.

4) Of course - Books!  I let them have 8 books at a time.  I have to monitor this.  They love to collect books! Especially if they are the new books or book of the week!

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