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I love making student books full of their own writing.  They are the most read books in the classroom library! I start out the year by making the first book about themselves.  After each child fills it out we attach their first day in First grade photo.  They choose their favorite color to mount it to.  I laminate each page and bind into a book.

To get your own click the worksheet.

 I've been making these books every year for over 15 years!  Some sadly have been so well read that I no longer can put them out for the kids to look at.  They love reading about their friends or siblings that used to be in my class.  They bring it up to me and say, "Did you know "Jane" was in your class too!"  So Cute!

The cover has the class picture.  Our pictures have changed over the year.  It used to be a snapshot.  I would then include a list of all the student names.  Now we get a composite photo with the names already on it.
I use a picture either I have taken or their class photo.  This pink one is about to go to the archives!

Have fun starting a long lasting memory!

Here are some things that you may find helpful to start your year out!
 Fun Game -  They'll ask to play again!
 Fun charts - put them on their desks or board.
 For the must needed data collection!

 Sight Word Games! A Big Hit in my Room for Word Work Time!

Great Homework for sight words!

Lots of goodies to help you out!
 Extra practice for the hard to teach Number Stories!

Attach the pencil bookmark to every desk.  A great reminder!

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