Three States of Matter

I just love teaching science and I really love teaching matter.  The kids really get into it!

This last week I used the theme of snowmen which was a great way to integrate the three states of matter.  At first I wasn't sure if we would even have snow this week and we ended up with an abundance plus some extremely frigid weather.


The Sneezy Snowman by Maureen Wright
Sneezy doesn't like being so cold so he tries to get warmer. Of course he melts!  Then they build him again!  This was a great way to integrate the solid and liquid!

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
A great classic.  Peter spends time outside and decides to bring a snowball in the house and keep it in his pocket.  He soons learns that snowballs - melt!

There was an Old Lady who Swallowed Some Snow by Lucille Colandro
Now this story doesn't have any melting but building of a snowman!  After we read the story we brought in some of our wonderful cold snow!


Wow - this snow is cold!

We got some gloves and tried to build the base.  The snow wasn't packing snow.  So we added some water from a water bottle and it helped a bit.
Earlier this week we discussed and wrote the process on How to build a snowman. 
 Next we built the middle of the snowman.

Our head is looking a bit sad but it's there.

We added in some buttons, scarf and arms.  We discussed what state of matter it is and what properties made it a solid.  The snowman had a shape.  This is a soft solid.
We then discussed what would be the next state of matter if the snowman melted and what do we need to make a change in the matter.
We needed a heat source.  I turned on the skillet to 400 degrees.

It started melting right away and then started boiling 
 Kids starting saying,"Poor Snowman!"

He's now was a liquid!  The water took the shape of the container.

 Can you see the steam?  The kids caught on to this right away and told me it was a gas!  Wow I have a smart class!

Good bye Mr. Snowman! It only took about 15 minutes and he was all gone!  What happened to him?  Let's build him again!

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