Top 10 Posts of 2014

It's been a great year in teaching!  I've enjoyed expanding my career even after 20 years! I'm looking forward to the next 20!  Hee Hee! I hope not!

Using a scoreboard in my classroom has been a great addition to my behavior management!
You should try it!

This was a volcano week during my summer school class.  What a lot of fun!!


Check out my beginning of the year booklets!  I've been making these for 15 years.  They are great memories!


Dominoes are sure a lot of fun!  We learned about energy!  Check it out!  I have videos too.


Pick up the bubble recipe for you to try!


Daily Math Freebie!!  This is such a great activity. Make sure you  give it a try.  The kids become secure in these skills even before I teach the unit in math.


Pick up two different versions of this Dr. Seuss math game.  Save it for March!!


I shared my popcorn unit that the class just loved!  Pick up a freebie too.


Visualize What's Inside!!
This free visualizing riddles was a big hit! The class couldn't wait til the next day for a new riddle.


This is a great hands-on unit!  Get the first level for free!

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Here's to 2015!!!

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