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Science Sight Word Readers: Muscle

I read the story, Muscles, by Justin McCory Martin.  This is a Early Sight Word Reader on the topic and it provides a small amount of information great for primary.  The last page is a read aloud page that provides more in depth information about muscles.  This is where I read about voluntary and involuntary muscles.  The students also watched the video How the Body Works: The Muscular System.  This video goes over the different types of muscles and it's funny!  There are a lot of videos available on this site.

This graphic organizer was a new one for me however, I ended up really liking the results.  The students tackled some hard vocabulary words and the organizer helped them to visualize the meaning of these two opposite words.
Click here to try it out in your room!  You will like the results.  I'm going to try to think of new ways to use this graphic organizer.  What can you think of?

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