Classroom Disaster!

Classroom Tour 2015

Good-bye Old Empty Classroom
This was my room for 15 years.  I loved it.  It was such a great size.
Our district is in the middle of a $7 million renovation!  All new flooring, ceilings, painting, bathrooms, drinking fountains, office and heating and air conditioning!  We can't wait to see what it all looks like when it's done!  However, this means that no one can work in their rooms the entire summer!  Ahhhh!  The earliest we may be able to come in is August 24th and we start inservice on the 27th.  This is how the old room looks now.  Still a lot to be done.

Now onto my new room!
I know you're jealous!  You all want the industrial look too!

No carpet, lights, ceiling, boards, door, window, cupboards, or Promethean and there are many rooms that look like mine.  They have 20 days to get it ready for us!  Oh my!

Don't you love those gigantic tubes in my room?  I have 2 of them.  They are the new AC intake.  I love how it wastes space.  I'll have to be creative in my room arrangement.

My hallway and friend!
Good luck to all of you and the beginning of your year.  I need prayers not luck!!

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