Whole Brain Teaching - Management Techniques

Do you like to get control of your class in a quick and easy way?  You do?  Well, wait no more!  Using Whole Brain Teaching has been one of the best things I have done in the 22 years of teaching!

"When I say, "Class"
You say, "Yes""



Now everyone in the class has stopped what they are doing and are looking at me for the next direction.  I use this all day long!  Now you're thinking -- I bet they get bored with this and stop listening.  Not at all because you change up the way you say, Class.  The kids always repeat back in the voice that you say class in.  So if I say Classity, they say Yesity.  

Say it like a pirate, high voice, low voice, slow or fast.  Be creative!

What I love is when I say "Class" in the cafeteria or when the students come in from recess and we have all 4 sections together and the entire group says, "Yes" and looks at me!  Whaat power!  Now you would think that the other teachers would get on board with me!  I'm working on it!

I had a sub the other day and I taught him how to do this and when I came in later he was using it and smiling!  Success!!

My students are taught that when I say class not only do they say yes but they stop what they are doing, fold their hands and look at me!  It is very effective.  It takes some practice but when they have it - they have it!

These 2 techniques will get you started.  Go to www.wholebrainteaching.com to get a boatload of information and everything is free.

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