Character Day

Character Day was a great completion to the end of a character unit.

All week we explored character traits of Raffy from the book Moon Sandwich Mom.  I forgot to take pictures of my other anchor charts.  We brainstorm characteristic traits that were on the outside and personality traits that were in the inside, such as loving, disobedient, and kind.

Students had an assignment to read a book of their choice at home and make a list of character traits associated with their character from the book.  On Wednesday, they dressed up as they character.  Some forgot to come dressed up but they still participated in the activities.

They colored these adorable characters and added what the character thinks, says, likes, does, and going to do.  I was impressed with how indepth they were with their thinking.  They not only colored the character but the surrounding with items that involved the character.

Have you done a character day?  What did you do?

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