Pumpkin Science Continued Day 12

Day 12:
Pumpkin Jack - outside
There is definitely more mold today! 

Jack's mouth had red mold.  I've never seen that before.  This mold was describe in the
 Rotten Pumpkin book we read. 

Pumpkin Penny has lost her teeth!

Time for Pumpkin Penny to go into a bag.  We do not want all of the mold spores all over the room.  I have one student allergic to mold.  She spent the weekend in a bag and it's beyond gross.

 We cut 2 pumpkins in half and left all the pulp and seeds inside.  These are not molding very quickly.  They are drying out.  The students thought it was very interesting.

We brought in a vine that contained flowers, green  pumpkins and over-ripe pumpkins.  They got to explore and it was fun to watch them.

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