The Sky is Falling

The Traditional Tale of  The Sky is Falling is such a fun story to read and there are so many versions. Take this opportunity to compare texts to each other!

I broke the story apart with beginning, middle and end with the different characters.
I included a blank form also so you can pick what fits your needs.

Click on the worksheet to pick up your free copy!


Click Clack Moo Making Words Freebie

I just love the story, Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type!!  I wish I was as creative at writing as Doreen Cronin!!

Our school uses the Treasures Reading Series.  Second grade uses this story in the third unit.  To practice their spelling words I made this easy to use making words activity!  I like to give them clues about the word but not the actual word.  Such as "sprain", this is what happens to your ankle when you twist it.

When having them write their complete sentences review what you expect from them.  For those that are better writers encourage them to use adjectives in their sentence to spice it up!!

Get this for free by clicking on a picture.  Have a beautiful Christmas!

OO Center Freebie

Preview   Preview
Preview   Preview

Here is a quick and easy center for /oo/.  Students "write the room" looking for the words and put them in the correct column on the recording sheet.  When everyone is done you have the students take them down and add them to an anchor chart with the rolling pin headers.  

Or you may choose to make this a matching activity and then they write the answers on the recording 
sheet.  Either way it's Free!!  Click here to pick it up and leave a little love in the comments please.
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