Annotations for Close Reading

This year I am taking a focus on Close Reading with my professional development.  I was able to attend a Smekens Workshop on Close Reading and gained a great foundation for this process.  I have a lot more to learn!  You can take this adventure with me.

One of the things students get to do in Close Reading is spending a lot of time evaluating the complex text that we are reading.  For me this works best when each student has their own copy of the text and especially a paper copy.  This allows for the students to write on it and explore their thinking.

When we read a trade book I type up the words and add paragraph numbers so it makes it easy for us to share where we are reading.  This then allows the students to add their annotations.

I'm starting out with some easy annotations.  I've seen many lists shared and some just have too many to remember!  I want the students to focus on the comprehension, not worry about what annotation to use.

Hope this helps you out!

I'm currently reading TDQ; Text-Dependent Questions by Douglas Fisher.  So far it's a great book and what I love most about it is the video links that are included so you can watch teachers in action!  There are 2 grade levels available; K-5 and 6-12.

Text-Dependent Questions, Grades K-5

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