Horrible Harry and the Christmas Surprise Literature Companion

This year my adventure in second grade has been a lot of fun!  I forgot how much I love teaching second graders.  They can do so many more things with deep thinking and writing!

These last few weeks we have been reading Horrible Harry and the Christmas Surprise.  This is my first time reading a chapter book along with the class.  Our library and book room has a lot of class sets of books!  We are so lucky.  As I read the chapters, the students are able to follow along.  Then they get to reread it with a partner.

To make this process go a bit easier I developed a student booklet for each chapter.  Each chapter has 2 half-pages of skills that we have been working on.   I also developed text dependent questions that require some deep thinking.  There are some basic questions but my goal this year is to really get the kids thinking!  I like to use "turn and talk".  Partners talk about the oral question and then I ask for the answer.  I try to call on students that don't normally answer questions because they have had the chance to listen and talk about the answer.  If you're interested in this booklet and question set, click on the picture.

For a closing writing activity I borrowed Mrs. Lemons fabulous directed drawing.  I was going to develop one and wahlaa she already made one!  I love how great minds think alike!  Click here to go to her site.

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