The Frog Principal

Are you thinking of doing all those fun spring projects like flowers, butterflies and frogs!  Well, it's snowing in Wisconsin!  Maybe if we start our spring projects the snow will go away!

The Frog Principal by Stephanie Calmenson is an adorable story about a principal who gets turned into a frog and his crazy adventures!  Pick up these vocabulary and comprehension sheets to go along with this wonderful read aloud.

You could enlarge this on the interactive whiteboard and do this as a whole group, work in partners or even have each child complete their own!

I have been focusing on increasing student vocabulary.  This sheet can used as a dictionary activity where they look up the meaning of each word or students could draw a picture and use the word in a sentence.

This is an addition game using numbers 0 through 20. Depending on the numbers chosen it could be single digit addition or double digit addition.  Click here to get this fun freebie.

If you're interested in blog hopping over to a previous post on my life cycle unit for a frog and more click on the picture!
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