Informational Text - Ireland and a Freebie

Not sure about your kiddos but my kids just love learning about factual topic.  Their book boxes are full of nonfiction books.  They get so excited when I add a new book to the library.

We have been focusing on the word "genre"!  They feel so grown up saying that word. I have posters of all the different genres on the wall.  First we preview the cover to see if we get any clues for the type of genre.  I catch the kids looking up to the posters.  You can find some great resources on TpT to use in your room too.

In the younger grades we tend to focus on the holidays but I also like to teach them some of the history and background of the holiday. The book St. Patrick's Day by Gail Gibbons is a nice nonfiction choice.  I like how Gail Gibbons lays out the facts and makes it easy enough to understand but yet fun with her illustrations.

After reading the book we work on a fact sheet to help remember some key details and learn on the map where Ireland is and color the flag of Ireland. Pullout your globe and travel from Ireland to the USA.

Here's a template of the Irish flag.  It's a simple flag of green, white and orange. Discuss with the class what the colors mean just like our flag has meaning.

The green represents the native people of Ireland, orange represents the people who supported William of Orange and settled in Northern Ireland and the white is the peace between the two groups.

Click on the flag to pick up a copy for your kiddos.

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