St. Patrick's Day Adventures and Freebie

It won't be long and your kiddos will be talking about The Leprechaun and how naughty he was the year before or how he brought them gold candy!  I'm not the teacher that likes to mess up my room or build leprechaun traps.  I'm glad they do this in earlier grades.  They ask why we are not building a trap but I just tell them we do different activities in different grades and they tend to be ok with that!

Let's start by getting a collection of books together.  There are so many great choices.  
These are few of my favorites.

When I taught first grade I loved using the story, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover!
With all the books she's written you can read a new one every month.

I put together a few of the pages we used when I read this book.  Their favorite part was wearing the old lady dress and eating the sequence cards.  This is a picture from when we sequenced the story for Easter.

This mini-unit is available at my store for only $3.
It includes sequence cards, descriptive writing, ABC order, and counting money.

Enjoy this freebie from the mini-unit!
Click on the picture to get it now or Pin It for later!

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