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When I was going to school I don't quite remember getting so involved in learning about people from the past or wanting to write about them.  I especially do not remember this from 2nd grade!

My 2nd graders amaze me with their interest in reading about the person they have chosen to research.  I checked out many, many different biographies from our library! Each child was able to chose which person they wanted to read about. 
I have one young girl who chose to read Who Is Malala Yousafzai? by Dinah Brown.  She didn't even know who this girl was.  She has been  reading this book during silent reading and begged me to take the book home so she could keep reading!  How could I say no.  Not only is she interested in reading but in the history and culture of this young hero.  I can't wait to read what she writes about Malala. 

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Now don't feel you have to buy all these.  I have a few in my private collection but the school and public libraries are the way to go.  There is no way you can own all of them!

These are just some of the books I checked out from my school library.  There were so many I didn't even need to go to the public library.  Now if someone wants a particular person you may have to do a bit of searching but there is usually a book available.  

However, if there isn't a book available there are wonderful websites to search.  I like to limit the parameters of their searching so they don't accidentally go on something inappropriate.  

Here are some websites I've had great success with.

I list the following websites on Google Classroom and then they follow the links. 
I feel better knowing what sites they are on.

Tomorrow follow the post on learning the Text Features of these books.

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