Writing Biographies Part 2 and a FREEBIE!

Part 2
Nonfiction - Text Features

So the kids have chosen the person they want to research for a Biography!  See a list of book choices from this previous posting. Here!

But before we start reading the books let's learn all about the text features.  I like to model a book and find all the text features we are learning about.  I have had most success in using the biographies by National Geographic.  They have awesome timelines and also include quotes by the person.  I find the students are able to read them independently.

I start by displaying this anchor chart. Then we look through the book as a class finding the text features.  We discuss each feature and what is the purpose of the feature.  How can it help make us better readers.

This is included in the Complete Writing Unit on Biographies in my TpT store if you're interested.

Together we read the book, The Life of Ben Franklin.  This book is written in two reading levels so I would be able to differentiate of use in small groups.  We noted many different facts about Ben Franklin.  Students wrote about 4 of them on their recording sheet.  
You can pick up this recording sheet for FREE!

Students love getting out their highlighters.  
With an accompanying checksheet students highlighted the text features as they found them in the book.

Then with a buddy they found text features in the biography book they chose!

Tomorrow read about Biography Research!
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