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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Clip Chart Clips

 Sorry this photo is so fuzzy.  I was taking a photo of my new clips.  I decided to use numbers on my clips instead of names so I don't have to keep redoing them.  This will be a big time saver.  I also use numbers on my mailboxes.  Here is a photo but I'm planning on fixing up my mailboxes.  Wait for an update!

I clipped them to the top of a paper box and used spray paint that I already had in the basement!  After they dried I used Sharpie permanent markers that have a brush to draw on polka dots.  I tried a regular Sharpie and the color did not show up as well.  These are smudge and water resistant too. I did this to both sides and I added the numbers to both sides too.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Meet the Teacher Blogger Linky

I'm a veteran teacher now!  Boy how time flies!  I've been teaching for 21 years.  I taught kindergarten Title 1, special education for 5 years, second grade for 1 year and the rest has been in first grade!  I also teach for the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater in the EC program!  

I've also been married for 21 years to my soul mate!  We have 5 wonderful children that keep us extremely busy!

This is the most recent photo taken in Wyoming with our best friend, Julie! We've adopted her too! :)

Q: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
Christian Music
Scrapbooking when I can

Q: If You Weren't a Teacher, What Would You Be?
Author - I love to write.  I've been published for a little article but I'd love to write a children's book!  Blogging fills that niche!

Q: Three Little Words That Describe You

On Bad Days when I wish my children were back in school!!!!: 
Frustrated, Grumpy, Impatient

On most days: Caring, Dedicated, Creative

Q: Finish This Sentence, "________, Said No Teacher Ever!!
"Please give me the new student, Said No Teacher EVER!"

Q: It's Your Birthday And You Can Invite Anyone To The Party. Who Are You Inviting?
I could ask famous people but in all honesty I would rather just spend time with my family!

Q: If Someone Wrote a Book About Your Life, What Would Be the Title?
It's Time to Leave the Building, Mrs. M

Q: You Get To Pick One Superpower. What Is It?
Could I make up a superpower to control children behavior?

Q: What's Your Favorite Quote?
You didn't grow under my heart but in it!

Q: If You Had to Sing One Song On American Idol, What Would It Be?

Blessings by Laura Story 
Overcomer by Mandissa

Q: Are You a Morning Person or Night Owl?

Both - but I prefer nights!

Q: What's Your Favorite Resource You've Created?

 I developed this plant unit and my brother made the Mr. Potato Head pieces!  I just love his work!  You can either purchase the whole unit or just the the pieces!

Q: Share Something We Might Not Know About You!

I'm going to try to stop drinking soda!  Ahhh what am I thinking?
I'm going to need help, strength and prayers to get through this.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Peek into my day!

I completed my schedule for the year.  I'm trying something new.  If you look at the end of the schedule I posted the times for my reading block.  I'm not going to do mini-lessons.  I do not feel very effective with this method.  I'm hoping to get more in depth with the comprehension with a larger amount of time.

Click to get this document for free in

How do you break your reading block up?

Monday, August 11, 2014

House Rules! and How do you follow?

When we went to a ranch a few weeks ago in Wyoming these were the rules posted in the barn.
I believe these make excellent House Rules!  So I retyped them for the house!
Click on it to get it for your house!

Question:  How do you follow your favorite blogs?

I've been using Google+ myself and I'd like to know what most do.  Leave a comment!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Book Boxes

I love my book boxes.  I bought these from Really Good Stuff three years ago.  They are holding up very well.  They should for the price!  I love the colors!    

This year I numbered all the boxes rather than write their name on the box label.  That way I won't have to do it again next year!  Time Saver!  

This is what I put in their book boxes.
1) Phonics Phone 
  • Red ones are from Lakeshore Learning. I had a Donor's Choose project and had them donated to me.
  • PVC pipe
    • One large elbow
    • Two piece hooked together

2) Reader's Bag - 
  • Popsicle Stick for pointing.
  • Highlighter Plastic Bookmark
  • Retelling Hand Card
  • Somebody... Wanted...But...So...Then... Anchor cards on a ring (Smekens)
  • Index card with highlighter tape and post-it notes
3) Large Ziplock bag to hold paper readers that they get during small group.

4) Of course - Books!  I let them have 8 books at a time.  I have to monitor this.  They love to collect books! Especially if they are the new books or book of the week!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Free All About Me Booklet Page

I love making student books full of their own writing.  They are the most read books in the classroom library! I start out the year by making the first book about themselves.  After each child fills it out we attach their first day in First grade photo.  They choose their favorite color to mount it to.  I laminate each page and bind into a book.

To get your own click the worksheet.

 I've been making these books every year for over 15 years!  Some sadly have been so well read that I no longer can put them out for the kids to look at.  They love reading about their friends or siblings that used to be in my class.  They bring it up to me and say, "Did you know "Jane" was in your class too!"  So Cute!

The cover has the class picture.  Our pictures have changed over the year.  It used to be a snapshot.  I would then include a list of all the student names.  Now we get a composite photo with the names already on it.
I use a picture either I have taken or their class photo.  This pink one is about to go to the archives!

Have fun starting a long lasting memory!

Here are some things that you may find helpful to start your year out!
 Fun Game -  They'll ask to play again!
 Fun charts - put them on their desks or board.
 For the must needed data collection!

 Sight Word Games! A Big Hit in my Room for Word Work Time!

Great Homework for sight words!

Lots of goodies to help you out!
 Extra practice for the hard to teach Number Stories!

Attach the pencil bookmark to every desk.  A great reminder!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to School Crunch

I'm back from my fabulous vacation to the K Bar Z Ranch in Wyoming.  It will be a lasting memory! This is my family and friends horseback riding in the mountains!

Now back to reality and getting ready for school to start!  Inservice starts on August 25th.
Our registration will be complete in two days so then I will have a confirmed class list.  I always send a welcome letter to my parents and students.  Click here for an editable copy.

Letter to the Parents

Letter to the Students
So if you're like me I'm going through my files and deciding what worked last year and what didn't, what should I change?  I am going through my wish list from TpT that I have made all year.  I have 5 pages of wishes! Don't judge! :)  So I am so excited to see if any of my wishes are putting their items on sale.   Check my stuff out too while you're there!  Have fun shopping!!

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