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Seasonal Language Craftivities

These fun craftivities were developed for the need for the students to show me what they had learned for the week but in a fun way!  They love decorating our space with seasonal items.

There are 12 Second Grade Common Core State Standards covered in this pack.  This pack could also be used in First to cover some of the same standards and used for enrichment.  It can also be used in Third grade for review and to cover some of the same standards. 

Each activity includes a blackline master with directions and some have accompanying word lists to assist the student. 

Students write in pencil and have it checked by the teacher before tracing their work in black marker. Tracing makes it easier to read when displayed.  

Meet the Super Croc Fact Lesson Freebie

Meet the Super Croc

Image result for super croc
Photo: http://www.independent.co.uk/ 

This very interesting story is included in The Treasures Reading Book for second grade. It's Unit 3 Week 4.  The genre of nonfiction really sparks an interest in the kiddos. They were drawn into this short story right away with the photographs of this massive animal.   We all agree we are happy that it is not alive today!  Although it's sad when animals become extinct.

Text to World:  Maybe you've seen the youtube video of a massive alligator on the golf course!  My students want to know why the people are so close to it?  Not very smart!

Image result for massive alligator in florida golf course

Google Map: Look up Florida so you can show the class where Florida is and what the habitat is like. We live in Wisconsin so it's very different habitats!

We listened to the story online and then we read it together and lastly they read it with a partner.  This is over a few days.  After all this reading they were ready to write down 3 facts that they had learned about the Super Croc.  Found this idea on pinterest.  It was just a jpg so I am not able to give credit. I used the little alligator image and enlarged it on my Promethean Board.  Then taped the green paper to the board and traced it with a Sharpie.  He turned out so cute!  He is hanging in the hall and I've heard a lot of comments from other kids when they walk by.

Click on the picture to get your copy.  I've also included pages where it just says alligator or crocodile in case you don't have access to the Super Croc story.

We also wrote in their journals. They glued this to the top.  Of course they had to draw a Super Croc too!  I have some great artists.

I'm working hard on getting my second graders to write more interesting sentences and not just writing to be finished!  They love using pens!  I provide 3 colors: black, blue and red.

Black: Rough Draft (they can also use pencil if they would like)
Blue: Revising Pen - add more details or take out what isn't needed.
Red: Editing - fix spelling, grammar and punctuation. 

This has really helped in them adding more to their writing.  I see a lot more pride in what they are putting on the paper.

Text to Self: They also wrote in their journals if they were a scientist like Paul Sereno, who discovered the croc what type of science would they like to study!  

Enjoy reading this with your kiddos!

How to Read your Favorite Blogs

You've liked a lot of blogs by following on Google!  Now what?

That's easy! Go to www.blogger.com and log into your google account.  Then on the blogger homepage scroll down to Reading List!  All your favorite blogs are listed to the right and the current feed is in the middle!  Enjoy browsing!  I know I have a lot to catch up on this weekend!

Make Your Own Tabletop Easel

I've been wanting a tabletop easel this year for my guided reading table!  So I set out to find one!  There are so many to choose from but they all come with a price of $30 or more!!  With Christmas coming I just don't have that kind of cash!


I made my own and I am quite pleased with it!  I got to thinking - all those things are made of is cardboard and pocket charts!  So with my $3 pocket charts from Target this summer I set to work! Plus the color fits the theme of my room!
 Materials:  One large box, wipe off board, 2 pocket charts, duct tape and glue gun (not pictured). I thought I would use the clear transparencies but I didn't.
Cut the long side and end off the box in one large piece. Keep them end and side together and then you have one of the folds done for you.  Using your pocket chart measure how tall you need it before bending the cardboard.  You may need to cut down your pocket chart.  Tape the end together by placing half the width of tape on each end.

Start by hot gluing the bottom of the pocket chart at the bottom of one side.  Work your way up by hot gluing everywhere the pocket chart has a stitch seam.  This made it stay in place when I taped the sides.
Put duct tape around all the edges.  My pocket chart was just a tad bigger than the box.  I just wrapped that little bit to the back.  When I got to the top I had to cut the pocket chart a bit to get it to fold nicely.  Wish I would have take pictures along the way. The first pocket chart I glued the top down to the other side.  
Start gluing the second pocket chart to the other side just like the first one.  When you get to the top you will need to cut off the excess pocket chart.  I left the clear plastic on. To tape the edges down I snipped the plastic at the sides.
I could have glued it down better but after I burnt myself...that wasn't going to happen!
But once the wipe board was in you couldn't really see it.
You can see how the plastic is higher than the easel.  For now I'm going to leave it that way.  
If it doesn't work I'll trim it down.
 You can remove the wipe off boards when you're not using them if you need more pockets.
You can store things inside.  I'll be putting my pen container in there.

Pin this idea for later if you don't have time to make it right now.  You will be glad you did!  It will save you a ton of money.

A Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds Freebie

A Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds by Jean Richards

This exceptional nonfiction story shares information about different fruit that travel in their own little suitcases!  Learn about the different kind of seeds and how they travel!

Pick up this free pack to supplement your read aloud.
This book is also part of the First Grade Treasure Series in unit 5.

Vocabulary - draw what it means then they can either write the definition or use the word in a sentence.

Categorize - Draw different kinds of fruit in the correct boxes with labels.  Or you may want to cut pictures from magazines.  

Cause and Effect - Answer the questions in the box.  

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