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Howdy Mates!

Time for some Down Under Fun!!  This is the second year we have taught Australia in our first grade rooms!  Each grade teaches a different country and represents it at Multicultural Night!  We couldn't believe how many families attended last year!  

Mem Fox has been a favorite author of mine and I love sharing her books with the kids.  This year I added more work on comprehension to review what they've already learned.  
I started off with Possum Magic.  I use my Promethean Board Unit with a bunch of multi-media links.  They love watching the story on-line.  We learned about possums and wrote the facts on the back of a possum drawing that they colored.  Sorry the photo is sideways!

I'm giving away a Freebie pack with all the comprehension sheets I did this year. You can pick up this freebie at the end of the post. For Possum Magic we worked on the skill of story mapping.  Students came up with the characters, setting, problem and solution.

All of their work is saved for the unit in a blue folded piece of construction paper with a suitcase and name Australia on top!  

Koala Lou is one of my favorites.  Inside it has my maiden name in it I've had it for so long!
This pattern is on my Promethean Unit. 
Students add a koala poem on the back.
Koala Lou has some very special qualities that the students are able to pick out.  We had way more than four qualities.

This year I only had time for 3 books because we had 100s Day and a Field Trip - Busy Week!

The last story I used was The Magic Hat.  This funny book has some wonderful poetry and a great opportunity for predicting.  After reading the first 2 pages I had the students make a prediction.  We have 4th grade reading buddies that come every other week.  They worked together to come up with rhymes and then wrote a couplet.

Now it's time to pick up all these FREEBIES!!
Click on the Cover Sheet Below!  Then leave some feedback and become a follower!  

You can also stop by and get additional lesson ideas to help teach Australian animals, another Mem Fox book, recipes, poetry all on your Promethean Board (sorry, not available for Smartboards).
TN Store (still uploading it)

Got this for pre-school son and he loves it!! 


  1. Thanks for the freebies, Lori! I'll have to start collecting Mem Fox books now. It would be fun to teach about Australia.
    First Grade Found Me

  2. Thank you for the freebies!! I love Mem Fox and I love graphic organizers too!! Stephanie

  3. Can't wait to try these. Thanks for sharing! -Jill

  4. thank you! I needed something for this book and these are perfect - may even use the Koala too


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