Supply Boxes

I have desks!

I like them because all their own belongings can stay in them.

I don't like them because all their supplies stay in them!!

I can't find a pencil!
I can't find my scissors!

So I am making supply baskets.  I used them when I had tables but never desks so we'll see how it goes!

Has anyone else tried it with desks?
How did it go?
Where did you store them?

I got these cute square baskets from The Dollar Tree.

 The green one fits perfectly.  There were other great bright colors.

The cups I already had.  I'm hot gluing them to the bottom so they don't move all around.  I thought these could be used for pencils and scissors.  The small green container will be used for crayons and in between the glue sticks.  It's worth a try.  It only cost $5 total!  Even though ribbon would make it look a little cuter I'm trying to keep the cost of my classroom down.

Here are the labels I'm attaching to the front.
Click on them to get them for free!


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