Back to School Crunch

I'm back from my fabulous vacation to the K Bar Z Ranch in Wyoming.  It will be a lasting memory! This is my family and friends horseback riding in the mountains!

Now back to reality and getting ready for school to start!  Inservice starts on August 25th.
Our registration will be complete in two days so then I will have a confirmed class list.  I always send a welcome letter to my parents and students.  Click here for an editable copy.

Letter to the Parents

Letter to the Students
So if you're like me I'm going through my files and deciding what worked last year and what didn't, what should I change?  I am going through my wish list from TpT that I have made all year.  I have 5 pages of wishes! Don't judge! :)  So I am so excited to see if any of my wishes are putting their items on sale.   Check my stuff out too while you're there!  Have fun shopping!!

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