Five for Friday - First Week Freebies Little Priorities

This was our first week back after our building went through major construction.  There were little things that were not done for us to start with and we all made the best of it.

I finally got my Promethean hooked up.  That was a blessing!  I'm waiting for the doc camera and DVD player to get hooked up but that will come.

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I'm so excited for the year to begin!  My children are getting so big!
Tia - Sophmore, Josh - Freshman, Abby - 8th, Jordan - 4th and Kyler - 2nd like me!

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This snack was a big hit on the first day!  They were asking for it the next day too.  Many of our families have free and reduced lunch and can't afford snacks.  I wish I could afford to feed them every day!  Pick up the labels here.

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Our students each have an ID card that they scan for lunch.
I assign them a classroom number.  Each card is labeled with that number.  I put them in the pocket chart and they grab the card on their way out to lunch.  It keeps things organized and fast!

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I introduced all the rules this week with hand movements and they have them memorized.  I love the simplicity of Whole Brain Teaching Rules.  If you want these monster rules click here.
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These bathroom passes have been great!  When a student wants to go to the bathroom they put this on their desk and that lets me know who left.  It also only allows one boy or girl to go to the bathroom at a time.

I'm using this weekend to get ready for my next week!

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