Sing a Song of Poetry - Fluency Lesson

Sing a Song of Poetry by Gay Su Pinnell and Irene C. Fountas compiled this fantastic resource of poetry to use for the year.  It is published for grades K-2.  There are 250 poems!  Each printed without pictures.  Students focus on the words.  You don't have to choose poems from this book but it sure is making my lesson planning easy!  I do not have to hunt down poems or retype them.  Cost of the book is $29.50.  It was worth it.  It's even cheaper on Amazon!

My Weekly Poetry Schedule

Monday:  Introduce the poem.  Discuss any vocabulary that may interfere with the meaning of the poem.  I read the poem aloud to them 2 times while they listen.  They chorally read the third time.  They put it into their poetry folder (with prongs) and buddy read the poem each 2 times.

Tuesday: We chorally read the poem 2 times.  We highlight any rhyming words using their poetry folders while I demonstrate on the white board. Read poem with buddies 2 times each.

Wednesday: Chorally read the poem without me. Underline skills that we are focusing on for the week.  Such as long a words.  Buddy read the poem 2 times each and read a previous taught poem.

Thursday:  Chorally read the poem as groups such as girls, boys, 7 year olds, etc.  Color a picture on the poetry page to show that they understand what the poem is about.  Buddy read 2 poems.

Friday:  Students are on a rotation to share reading aloud a poem.  They can choose to read the current week or a previously read poem.

You could choose to send the folder home on Friday.  At this time I am not doing this.

This weekly activity is a great boost to fluency as they listen to the teacher read, their partners read and gradually improve themselves as the week goes on.

Feel free to demonstrate poor fluency when you are reading the poem to them.  See if they notice!

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