Five for Friday Week 2

Gay Su Pinnell & Irene Fountas wrote
phonics and lessons: letters, words, and how they work!
Wow is this resource full of ideas.

Our school purchase Grades 1-3 and I'm digging into it!

This week we did a Short vowel activity.
The price for both books is $99.  Plus there is a cool CD resource with the binder on the disc.  It sure makes it easy to print and find the page you need!

A book that goes along fantastically is Sing a Song by Gay Su Pinnell.
Check out my post this week if you missed it!

I wish I were these ladies!  Wow - they are just phenomenal.  I would love to sit with them over a cup of coffee and pick their brains!

This is my new method of lesson planning.

Favorite Recipe!
Southwestern Stew Pot Recipe

Southwestern Stew Pot Recipe

We like things a little spicy so we add extra hot sauce!

Started conferencing with students.  I quizzed a few on their sight words and helped edit sentences!  I'm still working on procedures for the classroom and how to work in our centers so it will be a while until they are completely independent.

Each student in our class has their own chrome book.  We keep them in a charging cart.  This year we also purchase mice for the class.  I wish companies made better headphones.  One students broke the first day in the "hinges"!  How frustrating.

Students go on or  After they take their MAPs testing next week they will also be able to use compass learning which links their lessons directly to their scores!

See you next week!  

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