This summer I went to a Wisconsin Blogger Meet Up!  It was a great time to meet and talk with other teachers.  I wish we could do this more often.

We were all given a prize because so many things were donated to the day!  I won 3 books donated by SDE and a subscription to  

I'll admit I was a bit hesitant about the if not a bit bummed at first that this is what I had won but now that I've had a chance to work with it these last few weeks I am really delighted with it.   It is really easy to use!

My main concern was that it wasn't going to fit everything I like to write down for lesson plans.  I like to add a lot of details such as which students I'm going to collaborate with.  I have always made up my own lesson sheets so that I could have exactly what I wanted.  Before I had won this I had purchased a couple of plan sheets that included the standards but they didn't fit my detailed wants.

First you set up your schedule.  I love that you can color code the different subjects.
This is a blank lesson plan for my writing lesson.   I was able to make a template to fit my needs.  When I fill out the lesson I just move the cursor to the spot and type.

This is what it looks like filled out.  I can also bold, underline, highlight etc.

Another neat item is that you can add links to your plans.  So I added this youtube link.  Not only can I click on it to show the students but it will save it for me for next year if I want to use it again and transfer the lesson plan.

There are many different views you can use and print.  This a list view of just one subject.  By clicking on it you can edit it.  There is a unit option too.  I haven't explored that yet.

This is a view of my first week.  When I print it out I print for the day. 

I am really liking this plan and you can get it for $12.99 for the whole year!  In 2016 they are going to be adding a gradebook!  

I would like to thank for gifting this subscription to me!  I hope many of you find this useful too!

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