Print and Play Math Activities for Fall and a Freebie

This week we are starting to become a little bit more independent in our center time.  We are using centers from my Print and Play Math Activities for Fall.  I started making these last year but never got around to publishing it for everyone!  The kids love these centers and they can't wait to play the games more than once.

What I love about these centers is that I have tried to differentiate the skill so the students can pick or I can assign the level that is appropriate for them.

Race to the Top comes in three different levels of subtraction.  I'll be introducing this center in a few weeks.  I like to play with the whole class and model the game before I put it in the center.  Then everyone already knows how to play and I do not have to take class time to teach the centers.

This is a class favorite.  Who doesn't love Bingo Dabbers!  Of course you can you use crayons instead!!  Students pick an apple and add.  If they get it correct they get to dab it!  The partner needs to check their answer.

This can be used as a whole class, small group or partners.

For  whole class: partner up the students.  Then the teacher picks a card from the clocks and displays it on the doc camera.  The student finds the card.  Call on someone to tell the time.  Then they add it to their card.  This way does not give the most practice per student but you are able to teach the game for them to play it independently later.

Pick up Witchy Subtraction to try it for Free!  This is subtraction from 14.

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