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I was reading the book aloud Gooney Bird is So Absurd! by Lois Lowry.
These books have been a new treasure to me this year.  My colleague introduced them to me and I have fallen in love with them and so has the class.

This book is set in the month of January so I thought it would be great to read in January however, you can read it in any month.  January doesn't play a large part of the book!

However, poetry does!!!  

The kids became inspired to start writing their own poetry!  We started with a haiku!  These are challenging but they stepped up to the plate and wrote fantastic winter poems.  They typed them up in Google classroom.  I printed and laminated them and now they hang on their lockers. 
They were sad they couldn't take them home so I made booklets of the class poems and sent them home!  They were so excited to have a book of them.

This week we are writing a List Poem about our family!
I'm going to reread Malcolm's poem from the book and then use the anchor chart below to model writing a list poem about my family.

I've listed the family items I'm going to use and then come up with adjectives or adjective phrases with them to complete the poem.

I'm going to give them this template to help them write theirs.
To pick up your copy click on the template.

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Truck Noun Sort Freebie

Need a quick activity or a center? Ask no more!  Here you go!!
Click on any photo!

Put the cards around the room and let them go with the recording sheet and a clipboard!  They love using the clipboards!  They feel so grown up!!

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500+ Blog Post Giveaway!

I can't believe I've been blogging since 2011!!  I just posted my 500th blog post yesterday so I thought it's time for a giveaway!  I haven't done one in a very long time!

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Contraction Matchin'

Contractions can be a challenge for some.  So the more they practice they better!
This fun Write the Room Center has three different levels.  You can start with Level 1 and work your way up or choose the level that is best for your student.

This activity booklet can be used as an independent activity, in a center or even homework.  Students write the contraction in the puppy's belly and then use it in a sentence.  There is also a matching contraction worksheet.

For taking the time to read the whole post - here is a Fall S Contraction Worksheet.
It has 2 levels.

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WALK Comprehension Activity

Let's take a WALK!
This lesson was used as a prediction to a book.  I adapted it to fit the week of reading.
Day 1: W - Words (vocabulary)  I wrote the words for the week as we went through the story.  We also discussed syllables and word parts such as suffixes.
 Day 2: A - Author's Purpose I wrote the 3 ways of an author's purpose as a reminder. I will not write this every week.  The students then discussed with their partner and then with the whole class the purpose.  I then wrote it down.

Day 3: L - Links to the story  We have been working on the three links that readers make.  Text to Self, Text to World and Text to Text.  Text to World is difficult for them to make.  This will be more of a focus in upcoming lessons.
 Day 4: K - What we Know Students listed the items that they learned from the story.  Our stories this week were about geese.  They really enjoyed the nonfiction and the realistic fiction stories.  We combined both stories onto this one chart.
This has worked so great for the week that I am carrying it over to my guided reading groups.  Using smaller chart paper I have made a WALK chart for each book we are reading.  This chart is for a group that is reading a Level H book. Life on a Coral Reef by Scholastic.  Our school purchased nonfiction, fiction and content books of the entire set A through Z!!  I have so many options!
 We will be finishing this book next week and then comparing Life in the Jungle with the coral reef!!  Wow - look at all the connections!


Spelling Practice Freebie
Post this in your word work center and put out blank paper.
Provide a spelling list for the students.
Students write their spelling words 3 times with crayons, markers and highlighters!
Easy set up and the kids love it!


Get Inspired

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Close Reading MLK Jr.

It's time to dig deep in reading the story Martin Luther King Jr. and the March on Washington by Frances E. Ruffin.

Close Reading is broken up into 4 phases.  I prefer to do one phase a day but phases can be combined based on how deep you wish to go into the comprehension.  

The phases dig deeper in comprehension as you go on.  It starts with basic questions and goes to higher level thinking.

You should always choose complex text to work on close reading with.  That being said students may struggle with reading this independently.  Close Reading is not meant to be done as a center or homework either.  Each time it is read it is read out loud by the teacher.  I sometimes like to have the students listen to someone else reading it.  I especially like having them listening to a video on the first day.  Click on the video link above to have the book read to them.

When I do a close reading I like to have a printed copy for each student.  Of course that isn't possible so I type up the story. Above you can click on the story to get a copy of this book for you!

Have their own copy is important so they can add annotations while we read.

I also add all the questions I'm going to ask the students in a red font.  These questions get asked orally to the class.  Give the students time to look for the evidence and talk with their partners.  After they have been given this time you then call on someone to orally share the answer.  You want everyone a chance to look for the answers and you want everyone to hear the answers.  You also now have the opportunity to ask someone who wouldn't normally know the answers to share with the class.

The following poster shows the annotations that I'm using with my second graders.  Teach one annotation at a time.  Click on the poster and read about my annotation posters in a previous post. You can pick up the poster and bookmarks for free.


Continents and Oceans

My students struggled a bit with learning the names of the continents and oceans so I came up with this extra practice activity.

Using an old laminated blank map I added sticky magnet tape to the 7 continent areas and 4 ocean areas.  These maps came with our old Social Studies textbook!

I used 2 different colored cardstock to write the names with a simple Sharpie.  Add a magnet piece on the back and walaa!!  I could have typed it all up and laminated but I was done making this center in 10 minutes.

On a 2nd copy I wrote the answers so they could self check!!

This is my classes' ultimate favorite video of the year.  They laughed so hard we couldn't hear the words.  They ask to hear it again and again!!

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