Dr. Seuss Day!

This week we spent the whole week learning how to read Green Eggs and Ham!  This story is personal to me!  When I was in first grade my teacher was contemplating holding me back because I was struggling with reading.  My mom took me to the library and I checked out Green Eggs and Ham!  Every Week!  My mom was so sick of it!  So...Dr. Seuss taught me to read!  I tell my students this story and they fall in love with the book too!

I made them these super cute treats!  Twist pretzels, white almond bark (melted in the microwave) and Mint m&ms.  They were delicious!

Our cooks serve Green Eggs and Ham every year!  Almost everyone takes hot lunch that day!  It's a big hit!

We made these adorable hats.  I had Things running around everywhere! 
Make a red headband sized to their heads.  6"x18" strips stapled together.  Glue blue strips all around the red headband.  Strips are 1.5"x18".  Glue Thing circle to the front. Curl the blue strips around a marker.

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