On The Double Gameboard Freebie Double Addition Facts

Click on the board to get a copy!

Here's a gameboard I play when I am teaching addition of doubles!  You will need number cards 1-10.  Everyday Math includes number cards so I use those, but you can also use playing cards.

Directions:  Stack the cards facedown and set the game markers on start.  To take a turn, a player draws a card and announces the number.  Then he states the corresponding doubles fact and moves to the next space with that sum on the game board.  He places his card in a discard pile and his turn ends.   Every time he crosses start, he takes a penny.  The game continues with the next player taking a turn in a similar manner.  Players reshuffle the cards as needed.  The first player to collect four pennies wins.

Long I Unit on TpT and a Freebie!

I am happy to be finished with my long I unit for next week!  I'm going to use some of this with the whole class and some with small groups.  Here are few snapshots of the unit.  Go to TpT to get the whole unit for $5.00.  Click on the Making Words to get it for free.


You Know You're a First Grade Teacher When... Linky Party

The Inspired AppleBabbling Abby at The Inspired Apple has a fun Linky Party!

You Know You're a First Grade Teacher When...

*go out to dinner with colleagues and all you can talk about is next week's curriculum.

*you spend your free time thinking about what insect or animal you can bring into the room.

*you go to a dollar store or the $1 section of Target and you're thinking, "How can I use this?"

*you have more love notes from 6 year olds than your husband!!

*you take your own children's McDonald toys to put into the treasure box!

*you go to rummage sales or Goodwill looking for "finds"!!

*you start a blog about teaching!!

Organization Linky Party!

 Mrs. Patton’s
PatchMrs. Patterson's Patch is hosting a linky party on how you organize your classroom.  Next week she's hosting one on Literacy Centers.  I'm going to list some of the things I do but I'm on spring break this week so I don't have any pictures right now.  I'll have to add them later.

1.  I have a rainbow cardboard box that I bought from Calloway House. I've labeled each box Monday thru Friday twice.  I have all the papers for the current week in one side and the next week on the other side.  It helps with planning ahead and keeping the papers where they belong.  It's big enough to keep things larger than a piece of paper.

Desktop Utility Holders - Primary Colors 2.  I have a table at the front of the room where I keep my teacher's guides and stacks of student papers we are working on.  I also have a pencil organizer that I use to store pencils, glue stick, scissors etc. for when I am demonstrating how to make things.  I also have a small metal bucket that holds popsicle sticks with each students name on it for picking partners.

3.  For each reading unit I have a big bin where I store each weeks lessons, worksheets, centers, and books in an expandle file folder.  It's been very helpful in keeping all the things in the right place year after year.  (As long as I put things back!!)

Well, that's it for now.  I'm not the most orgainized person!  I'm a piler by heart!  It's something I'm always working on!

New Blog Look!

I'm so excited about my new blog look.  I went to Leelou Blogs where she has templates for free.  It was so easy - even I could do it!

Knight Mike Long I Unit

 I'm working on a long I unit for next week.  I wrote a poem about Knight Mike.  I can't wait to get it all together.  Stay posted!

My little ones are down for nap and I'm going to read for enjoyment!!

Miss Snowden's Giveaway!

1st Grade with Miss Snowden
Miss Snowden is hosting her first giveaway.  Check her page out!
This is what you need to do.

1. Follow her blog.
2. Follow Erica's Blog and her TPT Store (which is packed full of amazing resources!).
3. Post the Contest on your blog.

Leave a comment for each step you do!

You have until Wednesday, March 30th, to enter. The winner will be announced Thursday.

Teacher Love Notes!

Getting notes like these sure can make your day!  She wrote, "It is so much fun working with you.  I love my teacher."  That's us in the hot air balloon!  I'm going to miss my kiddos while I'm on spring break.


Worm Farm

Friday we explored with the earthworms for our Worm Farm!  They had a blast!  There were only two friends who didn't want to touch the worms.  Other kiddos moved a worm in front of them so they could use the magnifying glass to look at the worm.  I enjoyed listening to them.  Quotes: "Mrs. M - you know what?  Worms tickle!"  "When they stretch they get skinnier!"  "They go in and out to move."  You can check out my worm unit on TpT.

I use a clear aquarium to keep the worms in.  This way we can see the burrows.  We cover it with black paper so the light doesn't bother them.  We have spring break this upcoming week so they should have developed a lot of burrows by time we return.  I don't keep the worms for very long so I don't worry about drainage holes.  After we view them for awhile we put them in the garden.  It's amazing how fast they dig into the ground.  I don't really like touching worms myself and I never did on Friday.  The kids will do it all for you and they'll think you're the coolest teacher for bringing them in!!  Give it a try!

Hamburger Story Writing

On the blog What the Teacher Wants, she was sharing about a graphic organizer to write longer paragraphs with the hamburger method.  She has some great ideas.  I found a few more links to share with you.  I wish I was doing story writing next week instead of poetry.  I forgot how fun it can be to use the hamburger method!

Super Teacher Worksheets

Writing Fix  Scroll down a bit on the right there are some templates to use.

Fraction Creatures - Freebie!

In math we have been studying fractions.  So for fun today we made fraction creatures.  Using 1.5" squares of construction paper students make a creature of their choice.  They can only use two colors.  We add sticker eyes and use a black marker to add details.  The students label their creature by writing the fraction of color used on their creature.  I got the eye stickers from Oriental Trading.  They are the cutest!

Here's a link to the Fraction Creature Label.  Sorry I can't show it here.  My snipping tool isn't working.  I'll try again later!  Enjoy!

Sun Mobiles

Yesterday the kids made these adorable sun mobiles after learning about the sun and it's importance.  You can find the directions for this in my weather unit on TpT.

You can see how we leave the papers not creased so they look more three dimensional.

Cloud Posters

Today we read about clouds in science class.  After we read the cloud section of Clouds, Rain and Fog by Fred and Jeanne Biddulph we made cloud posters showing the three most common types of clouds.  We divided the 12"x18" paper into thirds was great because we just went over fractions in math class!  The students labeled the poster Clouds and then the three types: cirrus, cumulus and stratus.  They used cotton balls to make the clouds.  They had a lot of fun making these!  This idea is included in my weather unit on TpT.

10 Things I've Learned From Teaching

Jennifer at Rowdy in First is hosting a "Ten Things I've Learned from Teaching" link party.

This is my 18th year of teaching!  I've learned a lot but don't even know where to start!
1.  Make a point to say hello to every student and make it personal!

2.  Be nice to the janitors, secretaries and cooks - they are your lifelines in many ways!

3.  Keep learning all you can. 

4.  Garage sales and second hand shops are a teacher's wonderland!

5.  Bulletin Boards do not need to change every month to be effective in the classroom.

6.  I live in Wisconsin so it's important to wear a warm winter coat, gloves, scarf and earmuffs.  Even in March!!  Cold and windy this week!

7.  Marry a supportive husband who doesn't mind that you're always doing school work.

8.  Don't use the whole summer doing school work - get out and relax a lot!  It will be soon enough and you'll be back in the classroom wishing for a vacation.

9.  Laugh in the classroom.  Kids have a great sense of humor!  Today we were writing stories based on the story A Bad Case of Stripes.  Each student had to write their own disease story.  One of my funny little boys wrote:  A Bad Case of Scott Walker!!  I can't wait to see his finished paper.  I think I'll need to send it to the Governor.

10.  Your team are your best friends!  Work well with them and your day will be more successful!

I enjoy teaching every day and I can't even imagine doing something else for a living!

Click on the icon above to join this linky party!
What fun - Thanks Jennifer!


Diary of a Worm

I am so excited I found out how to change a word document to a jpeg!  These are pages to my worm unit that is available on TpT.  Click on the worm to check it out!  I'm bringing in my worms for Friday.  I can't wait. They love exploring with the worms.

I'm trying out the Google Docs.  I haven't figured out how to show a sample picture of the page on the blog yet.  This is a sample of my body unit that's available on TpT.

My Body Unit

Diary of a Worm

Last week we did a short unit on books by Doreen Cronin.  She wrote Click, Clack Moo, Duck for President, Diary of a Worm and many more funny books!  We are having a lot of fun with the book, Diary of a Worm

After we read the story each child was given a worm buddy.  They cut it out and named it.  With their worm buddy they were given a special Worm Buddy Traveling Journal.  Each student will choose a friend or family member to take their worm buddy around for a day.  Take photos and fill out the journal.  The student will also spend one day with the worm and journal.  I can't wait to see what happens!

We are also going to start a worm farm!  I did this last year and it was a lot of fun.  I was suppose to bring the worms last Friday but I had to stay home with a sick child.  I'll bring them this Friday!

Check out my four special friends!!
We are so excited that they all have glasses
and can see.  They wanted me in the picture
but I had to take the photo!  They are so cute!!

Human Body and Dr. Seuss

We added the brain!!
We placed the heart on the left side of the body!
Our Skeleton!!
Here are some photos of the human body we're making in class. I forgot to take photos as the lessons were going along. We started with the brain, then heart and we're up to adding the skeleton. Next year I will make the skeleton bigger. The pieces didn't quite reach each other! The kids are just loving putting the pieces together. I definately will do this activity next year. I've include a preview of the unit in an older post and it's available at TpT.
All of our Firsties wearing their Cat in the Hat hat that were made by parents and staff. 
All the fabric was donated by our PTO!  Don't they look great!!

The cooks make Green Eggs and Ham every year for
 Dr. Seuss' birthday!! 

We spent the week reading Dr. Seuss books and doing various activities!  We end the week by honoring Dr. Seuss all day on Friday.  We have various staff readers throughout the day.  It's great to have the principal and the superintendent come in to read to us!  We always pick one teacher to read Fox in Socks to see if they can get through all the tongue twisters!! 

On Monday we're going to do some graphing about whether they liked eating the Green Eggs and Ham!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

We finished our If You Give a Mouse a Cookie unit with a big send off from our librarian!  The kiddos got to make a mouse cookie in the library.  To make these the kids frosted an oatmeal cookie, mini vanilla wafers for ears, three M&Ms for the face and stick pretzels for whiskers.  They completely enjoyed themselves and loved eating them!!

My Body Unit

I've been working on developing a new unit for teaching the body to my first graders.  I finally finished it.  I posted it on Teacherspayteachers.com.  I made a sale!  I was so excited!  Check it out! http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/My-Body-Unit-The-Human-Body-Lessons  

Try clicking here to see a sample of  this 28 page unit.
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