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I am the coordinator of our VBS for our church and this year we are doing PandaMania and it's going to be so much fun!  Well, while I was on a forum for this program I came across a cool website -  it takes graphics or photos and makes them into posters using a regular printer!

You have to download this to your computer and then you can just open it from your programs.  It's so easy to use!  Print and put it together!

This is a pdf of raccoon graphic that I made for an oo project.  It looksat fuzzy in this google doc but it isn't on my computer.  Have fun!!


Winners of my Giveaway!

Thank you for stopping by my blog!  I know it's the end of the year and hopefully a lot of you are relaxing and having a fun summer!  I still have 7 days and 2 hours left!  No I'm not counting!

The winners of the End of the Year Camping Unit Giveaway are...

Janine and Amy

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Fancy Nancy Book Tea

What a fun day in first grade! 

All dressed our fanciest!!
This is my fantastic team!

I put the desks together and cover with table clothes.  I put out the tea cups I got from the local Goodwill store, their placemats they made and their first grade memory book.

The memory book includes our class photo and the monthly handprint that they made.  I take photos throughout the year and you can see how they change as they grow.  I also have a picture of each student and myself taken.  I also have a letter that I wrote to the parents.  It's a special keepsake.

These are my greeters.  They welcome the parents and show them to their seats.  It was adorable.

Each kid introduced themself to the parents and told them the name of their story.  They then sat in the author chair and read their story.  They did a great job.

I buy the round cookies with holes in the middle so they can stick their pinkies out!  So classy!
What a wonderful time for the whole class.  They were so proud of their writing and that their families came to hear them!!



We're reviewing geometry with polygons and 3D shapes and we thought we'd have a little fun and challenge the kiddos with making octahedrons.  They did really well.  I wish I could tell you where the pattern was from but it's quite old.
The eight circles were cut out and then folded up to have triangles in the center.

We glued them all together to make the "ball" or octahedron.  They had fun saying the word.  I was going to hang them up but they all wanted to take them home.


3rd Annual Book Tea

I'm getting excited as we prepare for Fancy Nancy Book Tea tomorrow.  The kids have chosen their favorite story they wrote to read tomorrow to their families.  They will all be dressing up in their best clothes!  Tiaras and all!

I just finished copying the programs (click on programs to see a copy).  I'd give it to you in word but I use a downloaded font from Lettering Delights:  LD Curls and you may not have it.  If you'd like I can email it to you. 

Tonight I have to bake the brownies and make the lemonade.

We are making butterfly place mats for our fancy tables!  They will look so cute.  Each one unique.  The students fold a piece of big construction paper in half and then draw a capital letter B on the fold like a when you make a Valentine.  When they open it up it will have two wings.

We used sparkly sequins and tissue paper squares.  We worked on making them symetrical.

Growing and Changing, Children, Frogs and Butterflies

I'm so excited to put together my Growing and Changing Unit that includes Growing Children, Frogs and Butterflies.  What a fun and exciting unit.  Stop by my TpT store to check it out! 


Wetty is now a frog!

Check out our frog!!  His tail has been completely absorbed.  The class is so excited.  They asked if I could let him out to hop around the room ~  Silly Kids!


Red Thank You

You guys are wonderful!  I have loved getting all these wonderful ideas from all of you and I love sharing things from my classroom too. I have become a better teacher with all my blogging friends' ideas.  I am totally adicted to this blogging adventure!  I'm doing my first giveaway with 100 Followers!  Actually, 102 - I'm a bit late in getting this out!

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I'm giving away my new
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Spring Butterflies

Cooking with OO

Today I made Chef (Cook) hats for the kids.  Then we made Moon Rocks for a snack.  They were so cute in their hats!

How to Make the Hats!

Start with white paper that is 30 cm by 60 cm (24 in)

Fold it half without creasing it.  Tape the two ends and the middle.

Cut strips from the rounded end about 1.5" wide.  Stop about 3cm before the end.

Fold a white construction piece of paper in half.  Paper size 18" x 4.5" and staple it the bottom of the fringed paper.

Measure around the child's head and staple.  Cut off the extra flap.

If your kids have bigger heads.  I would go with 26" length but then you'll need to add more white construction paper at the bottom.  The flap that doesn't have the paper doesn't stand up as well.

Moon Rocks Recipe

Bag of chocolate chips
1/2 bag of white chocolate chips
2 1/2 cups of marshmallows
5 cups of Coco Crispes

I basically played around with it until we got the right amount. 

Melt the chocolate chips.  I used a crock pot but a microwave would be easier.  Mix the other ingredients in a bowl and then add the melted chocolate. 
I put them on wax paper but next time I will use cupcake liners and put them in that.  That way if they don't completely harden together they still get the little pieces.

They don't look very good but they tasted good.
A teacher friend of mine once added peanuts too but I did not.

After they ate them they filled out a graphic organizer on writing adjectives with their senses (see, taste, feel).  We'll use these words for writing tomorrow.
Have Fun!

OO Glasses

Yesterday my kiddos made some cute glasses posted by I believe the teacher wife.  They wrote oo words on the rims and then wore them when they were buddy reading.  They were adorable!  They almost wore them all day.  The funny part was when they wore them to go home and all the parents were picking them up.


Vocabulary Four Squares

This week I tried something new with the vocabulary in the story.  I got the idea at a First Grade Conference in December.  The student writes the vocabulary word in the middle of the sheet and then there are four things to do with the word.  We completed two of the boxes together as a class and they finished the last two boxes independently.  The kiddos sure had a great grasp of the vocabulary after this.  When we read the story they had fantastic comprehension.


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You can now follow Little Priorities by email.  It's a quick and easy way to see what's going on!!  I'm also just starting to use and understand RSS feeders.  What an even quicker way to view the blogs!

Happy Reading!


We've been having fun with our plant unit.  About a week ago we put five bean seeds in bags and labeled them for different conditions.  We started with no water and water and then they decided they wanted no sun and no soil.  The soil is the paper towel in the baggie.  After the weekend they were really surprised by the results.  The bag with no soil, just water was growing better than the other ones.  Then we went to check the no sun which was in the closet and this one was growing out of control.  I guess the closet was pretty warm.  What a fun exploration.  We're going to plant the seeds to see if they keep growing.  I guess science isn't always exact.

We just planted grass seed.  We were going to use nylons and we filled them all up and then I realized I forgot to put the seed in first.  So unfortunately we had to do it without the nylons.  Today we added the potato head pieces from the teachers wife blog (Thanks).  They look so cute but I forgot to take a picture.  Does anyone know how long it takes grass to start sprouting?


Flower Garden

Meet Kelly!

Kelly works in our school as an aide and she is going to school to be a teacher.  She's working on observation in my room for math and science.  Today she taught math class for the first time.  Sh had a fun math activity where the kids made flowers and used Skittles to help make number sentences.

Students count the Skittles that are in the individual baggies and then write the count inside the center of the flower.

Students use the Skittles to organize into groups to make number sentences.  For example:  If the student has 18 Skittles a number sentence could be 9+9 or 4+5+9 and so forth.

Kelly did an excellent job today and she's going to be a fantastic teacher!

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