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Busy~ Busy~ Busy

Every year our family makes a large list of what we are going to do this summer.  It really keeps us on track not to forget something that we wanted to do.  The summer goes by so fast!

We check them off after we've completed them.  We've done a few things!  Lots to go!  One that can hopefully be checked off tonight is "Make Jam."  I've been making strawberry jam for days now.  I'm sick of strawberries but we like the jam when it's done.  Anyone else make jam?

This was last night - I have double this amount now!


Math Pocket Chart Cards and Tub Labels

I'm going to try the pocket chart next year for my math tubs. I'm using an old calendar pocket chart. I made these monkey theme cards to go along with my room.

I bought three drawer boxes from Menards that I'm going to use as my tubs.  The drawers are big enough to fit paper size and manipulatives.  I'm going to use packaging tape over these to attach to the drawers.

These are the cards that I'm going to use in my pocket chart. I'm only going to use 6-9 tubs but I made extra cards if you want those.


Summer Letters to students

I'm getting ready to send out summer letters to my kiddos.  Last year someone had inspired me to do this and I used some of their wording but I'm sorry that I do not have the source for this. 

In their report card envelopes I include a self addressed postcard so the students would write to me!  Hopefully, this makes it easy for them to write me!


Download CAFE Posters Freebie

For those who struggle with downloading from Google Docs I uploaded the CAFE Jungle Signs to my TpT account.

Lesson Diva is hosting a Giveaway

Stop over at Lesson Diva and get this wonderful Beginning Sounds Set.  Everyone gets it just for participating!  So stop on over! Click on picture.


CAFE Jungle Signs

I just made these Jungle Posters for my CAFE board.  I haven't even printed them yet for myself so if there's a problem please let me know.  I hope they print as well as they look.

 I've been trying to make all my bulletin boards have the jungle theme to keep the room looking cleaner like suggested on Clutter Free Classroom.  I hope to also work on my Daily 5 posters and all the labels in my classroom for math boxes etc.  Enjoy!



Breakfast Blahs!

Our school started serving breakfast this year.  The kids love having breakfast. 

Because of space limitations our breakfast is a grab and go!  Grab and Go back to your room for the older kids and the younger kid have their breakfast delivered to the room.  Students do not come early to eat breakfast so... they eat while we are starting school.  I've been very frustrated with this because of the time it takes away from work time. 

Does anyone else have this dilemma and what should I do to make it work out smoother?  I'm starting to work on my new schedule and could use some support.  Thank you for your input!

New Facebook Page

I am trying my hand at a Facebook Page for Little Priorities!  Stop by and become a friend!


Promethean Board Calendar Linky Party

Oceans of First Grade Fun is hosting a Linky Party on Calendar VS. Promethean Board

Here's what I do!

I got my new Promethean Board in January.  The placement of my board was put over my current calendar board so I decided to go away with the calendar board and put it on the Promethean.    I love it!  It is so convenient and everyone can see it. 

Each of our students have a folder that contains the month's calendar pages.  We follow ideas that on are Meecham's webpage.  This  is a direct link.  We like Barb's inserts.  Very cute songs.  I've typed these up on the Promethean board.

I went on Promethean Planet to get my calendar started and then went from there.  Here are snippets of my calendar.

WARNING! Don't put too much into the calendar even though you will find tons of really cute things.  It will make calendar time last way toooooo looonnngg.  I use to have a days of the week sequencing activity and a song to go with it.  I let them play the song once a week because it's so cool.  Found it on Youtube.  I had money counting and exchanges and more!

I have a "Top Banana" that is the Star Student for the week and this person is in charge of calendar for the week.  They do all the writing on the board and facilitate asking the class the questions.  The student writes the number on the day.  We circle every even day.  We also put in tally marks so if it's the 13th they put in 13 tally marks.  When the students click on the green smiley face they get to listen and sing along wth a month song I got from You Tube.  The clip art is from DJ Inkers. 

There are two pages for the birthdays. I'd like to add a link with a birthday song.  If there are no birthdays we just skip over this.

I use to have straws that I counted on the regular calendar board.  This has duplicated tens and ones and the buttons move the numbers up and down. This I got from Promethean Planet.

Every day we write in a number to keep count of the days of school.  There is a blank grid in the student folders for them to write in the numbers too.

This song comes from Meecham's site.  I wrote the song and the students have copies in there folders.  Then I added the box to get the students involved.  We didn't do all the words on one day.  We did it over a week so it doesn't take too long.

If a student loses a tooth we tally it.  The students have a graphing sheet in there folder.  I may change this next year to show the whole year at a time.

The students drag a square to the correct spot.  These can be printed out if you'd like to save the whole year.  The students have this in their folders too.

For next year I reput up my hundred's grid chart and a days of the week poster.  I'm also looking for a months poster so that these resources are available all the time.  Like a word wall  This is under the Promethean Board.  I also have a regular calendar on my teacher board so we can always find out the date even if we don't have the board on.

Hope this was helpful for all you Promethean and Smart board users.

My New Favorite Blog!!

I love, love, love this blog!  So many cute ideas.  I am working very hard at decluttering my room and home.  Boy it's a lot of work.  I can't wait to post my classroom pictures.  I'm doing a jungle theme again this year but I'm expanding!

Clutter-Free Classroom

Alphabet in First Grade??

My team is having a discusion about how much we should teach the alphabet in the first grade.  We use the Treasures Reading series.  It suggests a review of three weeks.  We felt that was too much so we went down to two weeks.  Our 4K and Kdg programs have increased the students knowledge of the alphabet.  We are incorporating an intervention program next year for everyone in the school.  So. . . we were thinkng what if the 1-2 students who really need reteaching of the alphabet do it during intervention rather than the whole class.  What do you think of this idea and what do you do to teach the alphabet and for how long?

Kindergarten Teachers we could use your input too!  Are your students secure in the alphabet?  Will they need a review?

So join my ABC Linky Party!!


Smores are Smo Smessy!

I'm just getting around to looking at some very cute photos of my kiddos eating smores that we made in class.  We started by having the students tell me how to make smores.  I would then do exactly what they told me.  We made the smores in the microwave.  They quickly found out they needed to be specific with their directions.  I was told to put the marshmallows on the chocolate.  Of course I didn't take them out of the packages.  After a lot of laughs.  They gave me correct directions and I wrote them down on the Promethean board.  We were successful in making smores.  They each made one. 

Have you seen the new marshmallows that are FLAT!  Specifically made for the microwave!  I couldn't believe it.  They worked great!  I made smores in the microwave with the regular marshmallows and they blow up a lot more than these.  It's fun to watch but a lot messier.

He has two marshmallows because he's allergic to chocolate - gooey fun!

Watching it blow up!!

Here's the campfire with the lights out!  The kiddos loved this.  I brought the campfire home and had a campout with my own family.  What a blast!

Here are some of my little readers.  They just loved reading in all the tents and special spaces.  Wish I had the room to keep this up all year!

Well I've had fun reminiscing!  Now I have to go back to working on my grad classes!  Ugh!!


My Favorite Things Linky Party

Little Miss Kindergarten is hosting a Linky Party on what are your favorite things! 

1.  I'll start with my most favorite!  My Family!

2.  Shoes
3.  Watches
4.  Purses
5,  Blogging!  This would be an addiction!

6.  Science  - I love doing special projects with the kids.  I especially loved have the frogs this year!
7. Scrapbooking
8.  Any of you addicted to office supplies??  I could spend days at Office Max!  Highlighters, markers, post-it notes Ahhhh!!

Join Little Miss Kindergarten in telling us your favorites!

Little Miss Kindergarten

Storage Problem

I'm cleaning up and organizing my room and I'm struggling with what to do with these big chart boxes.  I just don't know what to do with them.  What do you do with your posters???

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A New Winner for my Giveaway!

We have a New Winner!
Becki said...
I'm Following your blog.

Becki - email me so I can send you the items.


Camping this Week!

I'm getting my classroom ready for camping next week!  The kids are really excited.  They're bringing their sleeping bags and flashlights!  We are going to be so busy this last week it's just going to fly by!  If you're interested in my End of the Year Camping Unit check it out at TpT.
These are lunch bags stuffed with newspaper and crinkled.
I used orange and yellow cellophane crinkled and then at the bottom I put a rubber band to keep it together.

Our school got 13 Promethean boards this year and we had the boxes they came in.  I'm planning on taking them to my church to use with the VBS program but they were sitting in my room so I thought - let's use them.  I put them together to make a cottage.  I bet they'll love it.  I wish I had the room to keep something like this up all the time.

I borrowed pop up tents and put them around the room so the kids can go buddy read in them!

For those of you who are already done - hope you're enjoying yourselves!
For us who are still teaching - it will be done soon!
For all of us - try not to think about next year already!  I know we can't do it!  I just wish I wasn't taking 6 grad credits so I had more time to think about next year!

Patti White email me with your email - you're the winner of my giveaway!!


Giveaway With Rigor Winner!!

Congratulations to Patti White!  You're the winner of a 4 Author Package of Camping and Survival Units!  Contact me with your email so we can start emailing you all these wonderful items.

Raccoon with Balloons!

This week we worked on the oo sound as in Raccoon with Balloons!  The kids loved it!  I hung paper balloons with oo words around the room and then they used the Read the Room sheet to write the oo words.  After they were all found we added them to the poster.  Then they wrote sentences using a word from each word family with oo.

Click on the poster to get the recording sheet.  There are 18 words to hang and there are additional spots on the recording sheet.  I encouraged the kids to see if they could come up with more words for the word family.

I used E-Z Up Clips to hold the strings.  It worked well.

Writing her sentences!!

Giveaway with Rigor....

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