Happy New Year Sale and Top Freebies

I so enjoy blogging and sharing with fellow teachers.  It's too hard to get into each other's classrooms and when I browse the blogs I feel like I can!  I am honored that you come to my little blog so I am offering 20% off of all my products at TpT!

These were my top sellers for 2012!

Now for my Top Freebies!!  Please pick them up if you haven't already!

Please make sure you have the Activinspire Software to download or it won't work!

You will need Activinspire Software for this one too!!


Monthly Activity Freebie

Start off 2013 - yes can you believe is 2013 with a super charming book!  Chicken Soup with Rice by Maurice Sendak.  I have this book in big book form and the adorable little books.

In the past I have started using this book in September and read it all year long.  This year I am going to start it in January!  We use a student booklet for them to read along with and keep in their book boxes to read independently or with their buddy.  The students get to illustrate their own copies.  Click below to get your own copy.  Let me know how it's going for you or what else you do with this great book!


Behavior Blahs - Get a Freebie to Help!

Are you thinking about that little gal or guy that is struggling to get control of their behavior and need some positive encouragement.  I use these Daily Progress Booklets to help with this.  These are made up individually for the child who needs support.  This is done in collaboration with the parents.

I only choose 2 to 3 behaviors to work on at a time.  Too many and they can't focus on improving!

Behaviors I've listed are "Sitting appropriately at the carpet, Keep hands to self, Keep area cleaned up, Using nice words to others, Being a good friend, Staying dry, Line up correctly etc."  I keep all the behaviors positive.

I made these sheets full size because I use a function on my copier to make booklets.  Check with your office people to see if you have this function.  This will reduce the size to half, fold the pages in half and staple it.

I run off one to two weeks at a time.  This gives me the option to update the behaviors if they succeeded in one or need a different behavior to work on.

I do not reward the children based on the behavior.  I talk with them daily about their behavior.  I leave it up to the parents to decide if they are going to reward.  This tool works great to communicate with the parents. We are able to write notes back and forth to each other and the students know that we talk.

I save all these booklets and use them at conferences or share them with the special ed department if I refer.

Pick up your copy by clicking below!

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!  Enjoy the rest of your vacation and have a Happy New Year!

My heart is breaking

Please pray for the families of Sandy Hook!  
God is holding you in His arms and He will never let go!


Do you Pulse??

Pulse brings all your news, magazines, social networks and what I love BLOGS in one place on your Ipad or Kindle.  I uploaded my favorite blogs from my Google Reader and I can browse all of them so quickly.  

I wish I could print from my Kindle but I just star my favorites and then I go back later to print any freebies!!

Click the logo to go to itunes to download!  Have fun Pulsing!  I do!

Write a letter to Santa and help Make-a-Wish Foundation

Today the 8th graders came down to our room to help my firsties write a letter to Santa.  We do this every year but this year is really special.  We are helping Gabriella collect 10,000 letters to Santa.  Macy has set a goal to collect 1,000,000 letters to Santa and they will donate $1,000,000 to Make-a-Wish Foundation! How cool is that?!  Hope you can help her out!

ABC News Link

Dear SantaGabriella Miller

Mail the letters to :
Dear Santa “Make-A-Wish with Gabriella,”
20899 McIntosh Place,
Leesburg, VA 20175

On the Double! Freebie and a new Promethean Board Unit

I just uploaded my Everyday Math Promethean Board Unit 4 to TpT!  These interactive units have been so helpful in teaching math this year.  I've seen an increase in their math test scores.  The unit sells for $5 but you can get it this week for $3.00!!  Click the title page.

This is a fun game that you can play to learn the double facts.  This is included in the Promethean Board unit but you can get it for free - just click above!

I also upload my Word Race Game for Sight Words to Teachers Notebook!  
How cool that TN gives points for your purchases!  I had a customer get one of my units for FREE!  

Get this on TN or TpT!

Try to win yours for FREE!!  Click to go to the Giveaway!

Photo Catch-up!

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a bit.  Life just seems to get away from me once in awhile!!

We had our Thanksgiving Play and Feast on November 16th.  They did a really cute job!  After we performed they ate their Stone Soup that they made the day before!  The parents also supplied veggies and dip, fruit platters, sausage, cheese and crackers, bread and butter, jello and pumpkin desserts.  It was all delicious!

Non-standard Measurement!  

The kids were having such fun!  I used part of a measurement booklet from Missy Gibbs on TpT.  It was FREE! Thank you Missy!    Each student measured their own foot with cubes. Then they traveled to different stations and used teddy bears, post-it notes, paper clips, pennies and cubes to measure a ruler.  Missy has them measure a line of tape but I decided to save on tape.  My school has been rationing our tape consumption!  It worked really well.  What I liked the most was them practicing putting items end to end.  When we move to the ruler they always struggle with putting their finger down to keep their spot when they move their ruler.
 In their booklets the students first had to estimate how many it would take to fill the ruler.  We went through the whole booklet together before I let them move to a station.  That way they couldn't cheat! :)

Simple machines

  Our district hasn't taught this for a few years in first grade so this year we are adding it back in.  Started with reading about push and pull.  Click to get this book at Amazon.  Used toy cars to show the force of hard and soft.  That was fun!

We only have one week to teach simple machines so my team decided to teach 3 simple machines: lever, pulley and wheel and axle.  We are trying something new!  I taught levers to my class today and tomorrow we are rotating classes.  I will teach levers again tomorrow and Friday to the other two classes and my class will learn about the other two simple machines.  I get to be an expert on levers! Ha!

This book was in our library but I am looking for some better books for next year!  Any suggestions?
We have a demonstration set for simple machines.  Click the photo to go to Nasco.  They are not cheap but they work pretty good in explaining.  
The best part was letting the kids hammer a nail into a 2x4 and then use the claw to remove it.  They used 2 levers!  Lots of laughter with this!  Tap Tap Tap!  They were afraid to hit too hard!  Only one tapped finger!

I will try to be a better blogger!  Thanks for visiting and putting up with long post!  

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Thankful for You Sale!

I would like to thank all my wonderful followers for visiting me this year at my blog and shops!  I'm hosting sales at both my shops!
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Have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving!!

Stone Soup Promethean Board Freebie

We are in the final practices of our Thanksgiving Play!  There was less time this year to practice.  We should have started in October!

The kids have made their costumes and are very excited to make their stone soup tomorrow!  Click below to get a little 2 page freebie for the Promethean Board that uses the software Activinspire.



Everyday Math Unit 3 Flipchart for First Grade

I don't know what I would do without my Promethean Board!  I just love the interaction it provides.  I've made my math units on it and it really keeps me organized and class seems to flow better.  I really like that the page numbers are listed and I don't have to look in the teacher's guide.

If you'd like to get your own Flipchart click here!

Tomorrow we are carving pumpkins!!
Parents are coming in and then they will make baked seeds for us! 

We already did our pre-writing.  They were so excited to use their five senses to describe their group's pumpkin.  Click the picture below to get your own copy.

Happy Halloween!


Pumpkin Carving Writing Project and a Freebie Literacy Center

Every year I carve pumpkins with my class and to make sure it relates to curriculum, I have developed this writing and math integration unit.  This pack includes all the notes you need to send home.  You still have time to do this!!  I've also added some math and literacy centers.  Scroll to the bottom and get one for free!

To get this at my TpT Shop Click Here!
To get this at my TN Shop Click Here!

There are journal pages for each stage of carving: Pumpkin, While Carving and Jack-o-lantern

An additional Math Center (multiple levels included)

You can get this center for free.
Click Here!  If you like it add some love in the comments!  I love to hear from you!


Thesaurus Thursday and Giveaway Winners

Today I read the story Autumn's First Leaf by Steve Metzger.  What a fantastic story about jealousy and differences.  The last word in the book is fall.

I drew a leaf outline and wrote the word fall.  Students came up with Autumn meaning the same.  We talked about words can have two different meanings and that fall mean going down.  We then looked up fall in our new thesauruses!  I am so excited to get these.  My school purchased 5 of them.  We worked on alphabetical order too!  What a full lesson.  We wrote the ones from the book and then they came up with more.

Childrens Illustrated Thesaurus

My librarian had gotten these for 15 cents plus shipping!  What a bargain!!

Giveaway Winners!  I finally got around to picking my winners for the Fall Giveaway!

Here's a link for the original link with the winners.  Click Here!
I emailed all the winners.  If you didn't get your email please contact me.  One bounced back to me. :(

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