Do you have a writer's eye?

I just love the idea going around the blogging world with the big eyes and asking, "Do you have a writer's eye?"  

I am working on putting my writing board together and incorporating this board idea from Mrs. Phippen's site.

and this class check list from Zeek's Zoo!

So I am adding to my journal pages with a writer's eyes checklist and a desk helper.  Check them out!!
I can't wait to use them. 

If you'd like your own, you can check it out at TpT or TN.  
Only $3.00 for 93 pages of journals for the whole year!!

New Differentiated Activity for Sentence Word Order

Just completed our VBS last week.  We completed an activity, where we put the Bible passage in order after we took them out of plastic eggs.  Made me think!  Let's use this in class to put words in order to make complete sentences.  So...
 This activity includes three levels of sentence lengths.  Since I just made this activity I haven't tried this in my room yet but I did try it at VBS and it was a lot of fun for many ages.  The kids loved looking for the eggs and they worked well together to put the sentences in order.  I added the response sheet, I like the accountability.  It's priced at $2.00!  I'm keeping the prices low and friendly for you all!  I've reduced the prices of many of my items.  Check it out!


Getting Ready!

How excited can one person get over getting a binder in the mail?  Pretty excited if you're me or almost any teacher!!

Here's my new Zazzle binder.

 I use the poly dividers that have pockets.  Great for when you need to whole punch something and can't get to it right away.   This year I am combining two binders (lesson plans + grade book)
This year we are required to check off when we teach a common core standard.  So of course that's in the binder.  I am using one from TpT by Angela Rubin.  Why invent the wheel - it's all done for me and only $4.00!!

Here's a fun find from the Dollar Tree!

Are any of you making the cute bulletin board for writing with the big eyes?  Found it on pinterest and you can get a freebie bulletin board set from Live, Love, Laugh.  Go to her site to get your own!
Saw this pen and thought - My Editing Pen!!  How fun!


Special Letter to Parents - Freebie

On back to school night I like to make the students and the parents feel at ease.  Many, many years ago I found this idea about putting a cotton ball in an envelope and adding the little letter.  I've had parents later on tell me that they saved this letter and they were so happy that I was caring for their child like they would.

You can pick up your copy, here or the picture.

I made the same poem with a few different characters: monkey, lion, frog, owl, and fish.
Hope one of those themes will work for you.

Labels for the front of the envelopes.  


It's a Drought! Caching!! $$

Boy oh Boy!  Could we use some steady rain in Wisconsin.  My poor yard!

So in thinking about how all the prices for corn, milk and other farm goods are going to go  up ~ I decided to reduce many of my TpT and TN items. This isn't a sale, it's a price reduction!  I hope you can benefit from it and not feel afraid to shop.  Everything in my stores are under $7.00!!!

Have fun browsing!

My Teachers pay Teachers Store

My Teachers Notebook Store


My Book of Everything!

I can't wait for my new binder to get here!  This is the second one I've ordered from Zazzle. It says it takes 3-5 days!

I use my binder to keep my lesson plans, curriculum, parent info, calendar and grades.  Then I have everything together all the time!



The give away has ended!!  Thank you for celebrating having 500 followers!  

1st Place - Cathy Irwin
2nd Place - Lori

Tomorrow we start VBS at my church!  I'm the director.  It always takes a lot of energy to get it all together but it's so rewarding to see the kids' faces!!

We were going to have a campfire and make smores but we have a fire ban because of our lack of rain!  So we're going to try these S'more Cups.  I can't wait to try them.  Here's the link! 


What do you think of my new look!  Jena Snowden from 1st Grade with Miss Snowden has worked so hard on my new blog look!!  Let us know what you think!  If your looking for a new blog look yourself I strongly recommend Jena.  She was very fun to work with!!!
Little Priorities 

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Do you love Freeies?

I Do!!

Check out Classroom Freebies Too!
Classroom Freebies Too

I am lucky to be an author for this fabulous blog!  You can get all kinds of freebies for all the grades!  Check us out and follow us - you won't be disappointed!

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It's a Giveaway!

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Daily 5 Headers - Freebie

Daily 5 has been the best system I have used over the years.  It reduces teacher management and it improves student learning! 

Somewhere in the room you will want to post the I-charts that you develop.  Use these headers for a buttletin board.  This was the board before we developed our charts.  Click here to pick up the headers for free.

Also pick up some Daily 5 management sheets Here!

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I see that there are quite a few of you reading The Sisters books right now.  I loved reading those books and I keep them by me when I'm teaching (like a Bible)!  Click on the book to go their website.
I put up a bulletin board in the room to hang up the rules and techniques.  This was my CAFE board before I made my new headers.  I'm sorry I don't have a current photo.  I now use mini-pocket charts to put the techniques into.  It works wonderfully.

Here's the board with the pocket charts!  It made it so easy.  I loved that I could take the skill in and out of the pocket to show the class or hang it up front and center to focus on the one we were working on!

The green basket on the unfortunate microwave spot held my cards.

Grab the headers here for free!!  Click Here!  Stop by to be a follower and leave a little love!


Upcoming Giveaway!!

In anticipation of reaching 500 Followers I am going to give away a TeacherspayTeachers Gift Certificate
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La-La-La Music Linky Party

Teaching Maddeness

Teaching Maddeness is hosting a linky party about music.  I have a love of music and I try to inspire it with my students.  I just love having my Promethean Board and all the online free resources.  Youtube is an amazing resource.  I especially love to use it for Science.  This is one of their favorites.  They would ask to listen to it well after we were done with the unit.

This last year I bought two CD's with books by Miss Jenny.  I didn't use them as much as I wanted.  I need to learn the songs better myself.  I used the math one more often.  I liked the fraction songs.
The link will take you to all her books/cds. 

Of course I love Dr. Jean.  I like to sing Macarana Bones when we do our body unit.  Click to see her titles and listen to Macarana Bones!!

Have you heard of Grooveshark!  You can find almost any song you are looking for.  It will play the song for you but you can't save it or download.  I've used it when I want to play some fun songs or a specific song like a Mexican Hat Dance!  

I like Elmopalooza!  Famous people makes it fun!!
Click above to listen to the whole album!!

On a different side note.  I like to use Google Chrome but just recently the top on my blog posting menu is being cut off.  This means I can't type my titles or see the buttons.  Is anyone else having this problem and do you know how to fix it.  I would rather use Google Chrome than other browsers.
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