7th Grade Art Work

My daughter has always been creative and loved art but when I saw this hanging on the wall in our school hallway - I was amazed!  The students took a magazine picture and cut it in half and then drew the other half!

Here are some of my former students artwork.  I am so proud of them all!


Writing Workshop and Free Word Order Mini-lesson

I love teaching writing!  I love when you tell the kids to put their work away you hear a sigh from the kids!

This week we worked on word order and writing complete sentence.

These desk helpers are taped to each child's desk.  Before I send them off to write we sign this song.

Every sentence starts with a capital.
Ends with a period.
Has spaces in between.

Every sentence starts with a capital.
Ends with a period.

(I think the tune is "The Old Gray Mare")  They point to the desk helper as we sing.  At this point of the mini lessons we haven't gotten into details yet.

If you want the desk helper it's part of my Monthly Writing Journals Pack.
TpT or TN

Now for the word order!

We started with a mini-lesson on the Promethean Board on word order.
You can get this mini-lesson for Free!  Click here!

Then we did the activity of Scrambled Sentences on TPT or (TN). The kids got so excited when they saw the eggs around the room.  I put the kids into small groups and gave them an egg carton.  They went searching for their colored eggs. 
My green group couldn't find one egg.  It rolled under the pocket chart stand! 

Then the group emptied the eggs.  Each egg contained a word.  They put the words in order to make a complete sentence.  

After the words were in the correct order, students recorded the sentence on the worksheet.

After they wrote the sentence they used the self-checker at the bottom.  When a student gave it to me checked but hadn't really looked at the writing.  I worked individually with them.  It enforces their independent learning of this.

Then they illustrated the sentence that they wrote.  Today we only did sentences with 6 words.  I also have sentences with 12 or 18 that I will use later and I will be able to differentiate the groups.


Intervention Questions?

We started intervention this last week.  Every grade level was assigned 30 minutes to work on reading and math.  We have reading three times and math twice a week.

We are able to have the reading specialist and RtI Teacher work with us at the same time.  Our gifted adn talented teacher is working with another grade level at our time.  With the three of us in the team, that gives us five teachers to divide the kids into.   The size of our groups range from 12 to about 20.  Not too bad.

Now for the questions??

Do you have intervention?  For how long?
How do you separate your groups?
How do you decide what skills you should be teaching in your groups?
Where do you find resources to help differentiate?

Thank you for your feedback!  Can't wait to hear!

Math Stations Day 1

Today I introduced our math stations!  There was an excitement in the air!  They love working with their friends.  Do you have an old calendar pocket chart laying around?  That is what I use to show what stations they are working in.

Check out a previous post to get the Monkey/Jungle tub labels and sign for free!
Click below:

I only used 4 stations today.  Eventually I have enough to run 9 tubs at once.  This keeps my groups into partners and it helps cut down on the talking or disagreeing.

Tub 1:   Time to the Hour Math Puzzles  
This was a blog find but I can't find who made them.  Sorry!

Tub 2:  Stop, Drop and Roll Math Game
Another blog find -Go to Lory's Page!

Tub 3:  Purchased File Folder Activity
Honestly - they were having fun!

Tub 4:  Pattern Block Template
Students made patterns first and then they were allowed to make a design.


The Three Little Pigs

We have many different versions of The Three Little Pigs this week!  This is such a fun story to do with the kids.  We are working on the skill of retelling this week.  We added it to our CAFE board!  We used pig nose props and a headband with ears for the wolf.  The kids retold the story.  We had to do it a few times but it was fun to watch!  Man they are cute!

Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!!!

I'll huff and puff!!

CAFE Board!

Read to Someone!

Wow - we got to 13 minutes of stamina for Read to Someone today!  They were so on track!  I was so proud of them.  Today we learned how to choose a book if we couldn't agree!  1) Let's Make a Deal and 2) Rock, Paper, Scissors!  Look at these awesome partners!


These boys were reading so nice just not to someone.  They were however both reading about ocean animals and then were comparing facts.  Still pretty cool!

I showed these pictures to the class in a slide show and we talked about what showed independent practice of Read to Someone.  Then we talked briefly about anything they would do differently.  There wasn't too much to talk about because they were so great!!!

How is your Daily 5 going?


Word Race

Today my kiddos played Word Race for the first time.  They loved it!  Our school district uses The Treasures reading series.  Our version is from 2007.  There is a 2011 version too.  I have not seen the word list personally but from what I have seen online the list of words didn't appear to change.

Students roll two dice and add the number together.  Then they read the word next to that number.  If they can read it, they x off the square or color it in!  They got to use their markers - How exciting!  First student to fill in one row is the winner.

If you'd like a copy of the Treasures Word Race Game, click here!

Writing Folders and a Freebie

Sweet-n-Sassy shared this great idea to connect two folders together to make it have 4 pockets.  Click photo above to go to her link on how to make these.  I couldn't wait to make these!  I first tried to make them with the poly-plastic folders!  That didn't work.  They are too strong and won't bend backwards!  I was bummed but didn't give up!  Back to the store I went and purchase the cheaper fastener folders and wha-la - I have writing folder.  Here are mine!
In the Prewriting Pocket we store our dictionary and a booklet of 6 Traits songs.  This will also be where we store our idea booklet that we are working on and any graphic organizers.
 In the center, I taped the writing rubric that I made.  You can purchase my Monthly Journal Packet to get this rubric and the desk helper that I tape to their desks.  Click the photo below to go to my shop.

Get your own set of labels by clicking here! 
Use Avery 8563 shipping labels size 2x4".


Reading Response Journals

This year I decided to dedicate a notebook to reading responses.  This journal will be a place to jot down a short answer, brainstorm some ideas, make a list of rhyming words or beginning sounds.  Anything I can think of.

We glued a web into our notebooks.  Each students was given a letter and then had to come up with words that had the same beginning sound.  They then chose 2 words that they could combine into a sentence.  For example, F is for a fat frog jumping on a log.


Penny Dice Grab Game

Everyday Math has little games that they learn.  This first game Penny Dice Grab is really simple but it gives you a chance to work on procedures for playing games with a partner.

We learned how to pick a partner.  This is the same method that The Sisters teach in their Daily Five book.  (Students stand, raise their hand, make eye contact, walk up to the person and ask them to be their partner -My favorite part, they can only say, "Yes, I would love to be your partner, Thank you!"

I ask my students to bring in real money to use for math time.  This money goes home with them at the end of the year. I have them bring 4 quarters, 10 dimes, 10 nickels and 20 pennies.  These are stored in their tool kits which is a pencil box with all their math tools inside. (clock, ruler, tens/ones cubes, etc.)
I store all the tool boxes on the shelf.  I write their student number with a sharpie on the side so they can easily pick out their own.

How to Play:  Students combine their 20 pennies together to make a "bank".  Student 1 rolls the die.  They take the number of pennies that matches the die.  When the bank gets low they must have the exact number or lose a turn.  This is pretty easy but they like it and it works on taking turns and working well with a partner. 

Happy Rolling!

PBIS Training for my Firsties

Today our principal took all of our firsties to go over the positive behavior interventions and supports that have been developed for our school.  They practiced walking in the hall, lunchroom and playground behaviors.  I took some photos that I'm going to post to help remind them what the right way looks like.

Walking in line on the right side of the hall with personal space.

 How to walk our trays to the garbage can and empty them.  Then put them in the kitchen area.

I know you can't tell but they are riding the bus!!

The kids all sat there so nice and listened!  With our whole school following the same plan it's so nice.
We have three main rules:
Be Safe
Be Respectful
Be Responsible

We have reward tickets that anyone in the whole school can write out for anyone else.  The younger kids will  get small rewards from a drawing more often than the older students.  There are also big prizes as pizza parties, donuts, recess etc..

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