Everyday Math Unit 3 Flipchart for First Grade

I don't know what I would do without my Promethean Board!  I just love the interaction it provides.  I've made my math units on it and it really keeps me organized and class seems to flow better.  I really like that the page numbers are listed and I don't have to look in the teacher's guide.

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Tomorrow we are carving pumpkins!!
Parents are coming in and then they will make baked seeds for us! 

We already did our pre-writing.  They were so excited to use their five senses to describe their group's pumpkin.  Click the picture below to get your own copy.

Happy Halloween!


Pumpkin Carving Writing Project and a Freebie Literacy Center

Every year I carve pumpkins with my class and to make sure it relates to curriculum, I have developed this writing and math integration unit.  This pack includes all the notes you need to send home.  You still have time to do this!!  I've also added some math and literacy centers.  Scroll to the bottom and get one for free!

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There are journal pages for each stage of carving: Pumpkin, While Carving and Jack-o-lantern

An additional Math Center (multiple levels included)

You can get this center for free.
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Thesaurus Thursday and Giveaway Winners

Today I read the story Autumn's First Leaf by Steve Metzger.  What a fantastic story about jealousy and differences.  The last word in the book is fall.

I drew a leaf outline and wrote the word fall.  Students came up with Autumn meaning the same.  We talked about words can have two different meanings and that fall mean going down.  We then looked up fall in our new thesauruses!  I am so excited to get these.  My school purchased 5 of them.  We worked on alphabetical order too!  What a full lesson.  We wrote the ones from the book and then they came up with more.

Childrens Illustrated Thesaurus

My librarian had gotten these for 15 cents plus shipping!  What a bargain!!

Giveaway Winners!  I finally got around to picking my winners for the Fall Giveaway!

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I emailed all the winners.  If you didn't get your email please contact me.  One bounced back to me. :(


Thesaurus Thursday

Thesaurus Thursday is what my class has been doing for the last two weeks.  It's a great way to emphasize Word Choice for Six Traits.

Week 1:  Start playing some spooky music.  If you don't have one you can find some online.  Here use this one to get you started!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6T0ZnBnQUQ

On chart paper I drew a ghost.  Wrote the word scary inside it.  Then the kids came up with other words that mean scary.  We looked into a thesaurus to get a few different words but honestly the kids were loving coming up with words and did a really good job!

Week 2:  Read the book, Move by Steve Jenkins.  This book goes through how different animals move.  After the reading, the students started listing words that mean the same as move.  I drew a spider (one of the animals in the book - fits the Halloween theme too).  They started with saying the ones that were in the book but then they expanded to adding their own.  I have some new thesauruses on order from Amazon!  Got them for 15 cents!

I am posting these on a bulletin board for the students to add to their writing.  When the board gets full I am going to print these photos to add to our anchor chart binder.

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Teachers Notebook Fall Sale and a Freebie

I have a Teachers Notebook Shop and I'd like to get more followers!  So I am hosting a Fall Sale for all my Little Priorities Followers!  Stop by my shop and get 20% off of all my products!  Thank you for being such wonderful teachers!  Happy Fall!  I am just loving the tree colors right now!  So vivid!

Pick up this freebie while you're there!  Next week we are introducing blends (cr, gr, and tr).
I have the low group for intervention so I am introducing it to them with sound boxes.  I want them to be able to hear the sounds and then we work into the spelling of it.  If I get brave with this group we may write a sentence too!  Click on the item below to get it for free.


Everyday Math and my Promethean Board

I just love using my Promethean Board for my lessons.  The kids love it too.  I don't know how I did without it before!

Last year I started using it for my math lessons.  So I started working on making a lesson for every day to go with Everyday Math!!! :)  I especially like adding the games because it's great to interactively play the games so all the kids can see.  They love the interactive dice!

These we work on together.  It's just like using the chart paper but we can erase when we make mistakes!!

I added in the Math Box pages.  In the beginning of the year we work through the pages together and the students can take turns coming up to the board to work out the answers or I just demonstrate it.  Later in the year they complete it independently and then we go over it.

I hope to get every unit complete this year.  
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CAFE board transformed

This is my CAFE board from last year.  I followed the method as described by The Sisters.  I struggled with the organization of this.  The board was too high to be accessable and the post it notes kept falling off.  I can't remember where I saw it but I saw someone use pocket charts for each category.  I'm going to like that I can easily take the cards down to use them.  Instead of post it notes I'm going to use cards with their names on them that will be put in the last pocket of the chart.

Here's my new board!!

I moved it to a lower board so the students can move their name to the skill they are working on.  In the box on top of the dvd player I have all the skill cards and name cards.  My next goal would to be able to have the microwave somewhere else!  Wish I had more room!  So far we have 3 skills we have been working on:  Check on Comprehension, Retell Beginning/Middle/End and Characters and Settings.

I am really liking this system!  You should try it!!
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